3 Spots to Go Snorkeling in the South Pacific

We all know what it’s like to lie under the sun and swim into the sea while we are on holiday by the seaside. Some of us might even feel bored with the monotony of the routine, even while on vacation. Our soul craves something new and interesting, a memorable experience that will set us free and let us embrace a different world. A fantastic option for such an activity is going snorkeling. These are some of the greatest places which provide you with the opportunity of enjoying the underwater world.


The island republic in the Pacific Ocean is one of the best possible spots to try out snorkeling, mainly because of the beauty of the coral reef there. Even if it is the first time you have tried snorkeling, you can be assured that you will experience the magnificence of taking up such a hobby. You will definitely not be disappointed by your decision to dive down and relish the joy and freedom of the sport.

If you are more of an adventurous type, you can try even snorkeling at night which is even more exciting than the usual, certainly because of the adrenaline you feel by taking a night swim on strange tides. Fiji offers some great resorts which let you enjoy these activities, such as Jean- Michel Cousteau Resort, Daku Resort, Botaira Resort and Castaway Resort.


It would be your greatest mistake, if you are already a fan of snorkeling, to miss the thrill of visiting the most renowned place of all in the South Pacific – the Great Barrier Reef. It is undoubtedly the best destination to choose, providing you with marvelous sceneries which are breathtaking. A nice place to reach them is the Heron Island, which also offers you the chance for bird watching. Another good spot is Dunk Island, as well as Green Island Resort. Of course snorkeling is not the only thing that you can be doing there. You can design your holiday to exactly what you need and want from it, whether it be real relaxation or a thrilling experience you are looking for.


The last suggestion is not as famous as the previous ones, but definitely of no less quality when it comes to tourists’ desire to go snorkeling. Another divine underwater nature setting exposes itself to beauty lovers who are into the idea of getting in touch with it. The Republic of Palau certainly makes a profit out of the numerous people that wish to explore the marine world. Rock Island is not just a perfect place for holiday, it is also one for snorkeling, as it offers divers not only its beautiful flora and fauna but also some wreckages left from World War II, which makes it even more attractive to those who are keen on history. Nevertheless, it is a guaranteed spot for fun and adventure.

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