5 Fun Holiday Activities in Mombasa Beach, Kenya

Mombasa has long, beautiful stretches of beaches that are every traveler’s dream, as well as an amazing range of accommodation opportunities, from all-inclusive high end resorts to self catering apartments. There are also plenty of activities to do during your vacation on Mombasa beach in Kenya.

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There are a number of sites out there that give more comprehensive travel information about Mombasa. Some of these sites include the City of Mombasa official site and Magical Kenya, the official Kenya Tourism Board destination website.

Some of the activities one can engage in at the beaches of Mombasa while on holiday include:


Of course, the first thing you should do is go right out to the beach and enjoy the warm sun and sands of Mombasa. The best times for sunbathing are during the mid-morning hours, when the sun is not glaring and the breeze is warm. Most, if not all hotels along the beach have sun beds and mattresses for your use, and all you’ll need is to carry your sun block and sunglasses and get your tan on.


Whether you are a seasoned snorkeler or would like to learn the skill, the Indian Ocean offers a great opportunity to go snorkeling. The best places to do so is on offshore coral islands that appear during low tide, so you can take a boat ride and snorkeling and see all the beautiful fish that make their home in the corals.

A word of caution, however, is that you  should get the best snorkeling gear available from the rentals available on the beach. Avoid the rental snorkeling gear that is worn out or looks unhygienic, however cheap the rental may be. Go for the best quality equipment, or even better, buy your own, to improve your snorkeling experience.

Beach Workouts

This has to be one of the most enjoyable exercise opportunity along Mombasa beach. Beach workouts can be arranged by your hotel, where you start early in the morning with activities such as jogging, running, stretching, aerobics, among others. It is also a great opportunity to meet new people and start the day on a high note.

Some of the beach exercises may also be done in the ocean water, which is even more enjoyable though exerting. You could choose to join the exercise group for every day during your stay, or get to work out every once in a while. Whichever you prefer, you will have tons of fun working out on the warm, white sandy beaches.

Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball usually comes after a morning workout on the beach, but games can be arranged at any time during the day. It is a rigorous sport, not for the faint of heart, because getting a footing in the sand can be a bit tasking. However, a good game of beach volleyball in Mombasa beach can be just what you need to break a sweat and have some fun.

Consider it a challenge to play with a new team and, of course, enjoy the audience that will surely gather in support of the game. Do research on the various Mombasa hotels along the Kenyan coast and and find out if they offer beach volleyball and how frequently the games are played to include them into your schedule.


Deep sea diving is another great activity to do during your vacation in Mombasa. There are some incredible diving sites in the Indian Ocean, both natural and man-made, and plenty of wonderful fish and coral formations to see. Most beachfront hotels and resorts have a water sports center where you can get diving lessons, hire diving gear, and arrange for underwater excursions.

While these are the main activities to do on Mombasa beach, there is plenty more you can do. It all depends on your choice of hotel or resort, for example spas and saunas, day safaris and plenty more. Do choose your resort with this in mind, so you can have a fun filled itinerary for every day of your holiday in Mombasa.

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Gerald Kanyingi is a Kenyan resident that runs a travel company that organizes fantastic beach holidays at some of the popular beach hotels in Mombasa including the Voyager beach resort.

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