5 Reasons to Visit Koh Phangan Island in Thailand

Stunning scenery and unthinkable (very often irresponsible) nightlife on Koh Phangan seems to be made for everyone – typical holiday-makers, adventurous backpackers and budget travellers. It’s both affordable and unforgettable. So, if what you need is golden beaches, beach parties, delicious seafood, diving or snorkelling activities – Koh Phangan Island is the place to go!

About Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is mostly famous for its Full Moon parties. Although nights are hectic and hectolitres of alcohol are drunk by party people every night, there is still a lot of calm and relax for people to enjoy during the day. The Island is located in the Gulf of Thailand. Recently it becomes increasingly well known to tourists who are drawn to the parties. Still not as famous and overcrowded as Koh Phi Phi or Phuket Islands. This is certainly an advantage.

How to get there?

koh phangan boats

The island can be easily reached from any place in Thailand and travel agents are eager to help you with all arrangements:
• From Bangkok – within 14-16 hours by bus and the boat, cost: 650 Baht per person= $22 or by train and the boat within 6 hours, cost: between 850 and 1000 Baht.
• From Phuket – go directly to Donsak pier by minibus and catch ferry to Koh Phangan, takes 5-6 hours and costs around 600-700 Baht.
• From Koh Phi Phi – boat from Koh Phi Phi, then go to Krabi through Suratthani town and get a bus to Donsak, takes about 8 hours, ticket costs about 800-900 THB.

5 Reasons to visit Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan

#1 Scenery

Koh Phangan could serve as a definition of Paradise Island, at least when it comes to its beauty. When there, you are surrounded by palm trees, golden beaches, crystal clear water and sky (although a warm rain can affect it) .

#2 Food

Since it’s an island, there’s no shortage in supply of fresh seafood. This, together with Thai love for cooking, makes your culinary journey in Thailand so much more than you could expect. Strong aromatic components and countless new flavours will make your stay unforgettable and fingerlicking. The food is very light, always fresh and seasoned with aromatic herbs. It has its temper and balance: you can either go for “spicy hot” or “spicy not” option. You can also enjoy freshly squeezed juices or cocktails.

#3 Prices

Koh Phangan is probably the cheapest island amongst many in Thailand. The accommodation prices start from $3-5 per person per bungalow, although this may go up when Full Moon party is held, or especially when it comes to New Year’s Eve. Transport doesn’t have to be taxing – you can rent a scooter for $3 per day to save some money on the tuk tuks, and you can do it straight after getting off the ferry. Food prices vary from $1 to $10 per dish in a restaurant, so it’s all about finding the right place. If you are a budget traveller and look for a cheap island to enjoy without emptying your wallet*, Koh Phangan is perfect for you!

*You can get your wallet emptied or stolen if you are not careful. There’s a number of scammers and thieves, so take extra precautions and avoid getting completely drunk.

#4 Parties

The Full Moon, Half Moon and Black Moon parties are the best Thailand has to offer. These are held every month in various places on the island. Thousands of people come together to party all night long. The visitors enjoy the music, dance on the beach, drink some buckets and cocktails, and meet like-minded party people.

It’s worth knowing and remembering that during Koh Phangan parties a lot of party-goers get their drinks spiked and subsequently robbed. Scammers drop a rape pills in the drinks to get people unable to resist them. The easiest way for them to do it, isto drop something in a bucket, from which many people drink. Recommendation: never buy and drink from a bucket.

#5 Activities

You will never get bored here. Depending on your definition of a great time, you can go swimming, get lazy on the beach, get some tan, go snorkelling or diving or go for a scooter ride around the island. There are many football pitches and playgrounds nearby hostels, bars, coffee shops and restaurants, so you can do some workout or have fun with your kids. Elephant rides in the jungle attract a lot of attention too.

Whatever the reason you go to Koh Phangan, you’ll most likely find it there! Also, if that’s just not enough for you, there are two amazing neighbouring islands to broaden your experience.

About the Author: Agness is a Polish vagabond who, after graduation, left her comfort zone and set off for a journey of her lifetime. Starting in China in 2011, she has been constantly travelling the world since then (slowly, but surely as she says), living like a local for less than $25 a day. She became a photography passionate and adventure blogger sharing her life enthusiasm and travel experience with everyone around. Check out her blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

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