5 Reasons to Visit Madagascar

Looking for the perfect getaway this year? Why not Madagascar, with its warm climate, local cuisine, great diving spots and some of the rarest animals on the earth? Madagascar has something to offer everyone with fun boat excursions and beautiful reserves. While it doesn’t typically top the list of must-see destinations, you’ll quickly learn that Madagascar is paradise on earth. Here are 5 reasons you should consider this island country for your next voyage.


lemur Madagascar

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1. The Wildlife

The wildlife draws millions of tourists to this island every year, which is famous for its lemurs above all else. There are 33 species of lemurs in Madagascar, which are all endemic to the country. Spotting the lemurs doesn’t take much work, although you can also choose to hire an experienced guide to take you to the best spots to watch the playful prosimians climb through the trees. Along with lemurs, Madagascar is also home to some of the rarest animals on earth and over 90% of the flora and fauna on the island can’t be found anywhere else on earth.

2. Diving Opportunities

Madagascar is completely surrounded by clear, warm water, interesting underwater formations and a huge variety of ocean life, making it one of the best diving spots in the world. There are quite a few diving spots off Lodge Tsarabanjina you can try, although you’ll need to charter a boat to reach them. There are also volcanic islets at the popular Four Brothers sites where you’ll explore underwater corridors and spot angel fish, scorpion fish, sea turtles and more. As the most remote island in the world, Madagascar is the best destination for divers who want to see vibrant and healthy ecosystems along with the most diverse marine life in the world. More unknown fish are discovered here than anywhere else, along with species believed to be extinct.

3. The Cuisine

Malagasy cuisine takes inspiration from incredibly diverse traditions, including Indian, Chinese, Southeast Asian and African cuisine. Typical food in the area consists of a rise base with meats seasoned with vanilla, ginger, onion, tomato and curry. There are also kiosks throughout the cities that offer fritters and cakes (mofo), including a delicious sweet bread made with coconut milk.

4. The Weather

If you want to enjoy good weather on your vacation, Madagascar is ideal. The island country typically has weather that remains warm but not hot with plenty of sun. The island supports a thriving rain forest ecosystem with cooler, drier central highlands and a semi-arid climate to the south.

5. The Ankarana Reserve

Madagascar also offers plenty of sight-seeing opportunities, particularly at the Ankarana Reserve, the oldest national park in the country. The park is known for its extensive collection of cave systems and subterranean rivers. The most accessible of these systems is La Grotte d’Andrafiabe, which has almost 5 miles of passageways. The Ankarana reserve is now the major refuge for the Sanford’s brown lemur and the crowned lemur and has led to many important scientific discoveries, such as fossils of large, extinct lemurs and blind fish. Be sure to visit the park for magnificent views of colorful rock formations.

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