5 Things To Do In Robin Hood’s Bay

The small village of Robin Hood’s Bay is a firm favourite amongst holidaymakers visiting the North Yorkshire coast. Beautiful cottages, friendly pubs and a location right on the doorstep of the North Sea makes it an ideal holiday retreat for couples and families alike.

Being close to places like Whitby and Scarborough helps too. Both offer everything you would expect from a seaside resort: amusements, fish and chips and rock shops to name but a few. These things all make a great day out, but the real kicker for Robin Hood’s Bay is that you can do many of these things from the village itself, avoiding the nightmarish crowds and busy streets in Whitby and Scarborough during the summer months. Here are 5 great things to do during a visit to Robin Hood’s Bay.

1. Visit the Old Coastguard Station

The recently refurbished Old Coastguard Station sits at the foot of New Road, to the right of the cobbled road that leads down to the beach. What was once home to the village’s coastguard has now been converted into an excellent visitor and learning centre, with interactive displays explaining how the Robin Hood’s Bay coastline scars were formed and facts about fossils and sea creatures that are sure to keep your kids entertained.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay for a holiday in the village, the other half of the Old Coastguard Station has been converted into a holiday cottage and is available for rental from National Trust Cottages. Alternatively, you can find lots of places to stay here.

From June to September, the centre is open every day except Monday. From October to April, visiting hours are limited to weekends and school holidays. Admission is free.

2. Go to the Robin Hood’s Bay museum

Situated up a footpath half way down New Road, the Robin Hood’s Bay museum is home to numerous exhibits relevant to the local history of Robin Hood’s Bay, making it a must visit for those with children or inquisitive minds. Learn about the fishing trade and it’s role in developing the village into the place it is now, or read about how the coastline was a haven for smugglers looking to land their goods without getting caught. Also learn about the history of the wider Fylingdales area and how life has changed through recent generations.

Entry is free. The museum is open from 12pm-4pm daily in July and August, Wednesdays and Sundays in June and September, and closed during the winter months.

3. Go fossil hunting on the beach

As fantastic as places like Whitby and Scarborough are, there’s no denying that they’ve become somewhat commercialised by their popularity, and this includes their beaches. Robin Hood’s Bay displays the North Yorkshire coastline at it’s raw and dramatic best. Shale cliffs are embedded with thousands of fossils and searching for the different types makes a great way to pass an afternoon.

4. Eat fish and chips from Mariondale fish and chip shop

It always feels strange visiting the seaside without having fish and chips, and Robin Hood’s Bay is no exception to the rule. Mariondale Fisheries is located around the corner from the Old Coastguard Station and is a traditional fish and chip shop selling some of the freshest haddock and cod you’ll find in North Yorkshire. Expect to pay around £6 for a portion of fish and chips.

After you’ve tucked into a hearty fish supper, why not pop into Dolly’s sweet shop on the corner; a truly nostalgic experience for most where (wait for it…) they still sell sweets straight out of the jar!

5. Do the Robin Hood’s Bay ghost walk

If you love a good fright, look no further than the Robin Hood’s Bay ghost walks. Meeting outside the Old Coastguard Station at 8pm every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, the route will take you throughout the village along the twisting paths and narrow roads. Listen to stories of supernatural experiences and unexplained events told by an expert ghost walker and see Robin Hood’s Bay in a completely different light.

The ghost walk costs £5 for adults and £4 for children. Groups are accepted all year round. Watch the video below…if you dare!

One more thing…

A quick note about parking in Robin Hood’s Bay: if you drive, you’ll need to park at the car park off Station Road (just before you reach New Road) as there are no parking spaces further down towards the sea. All 5 things to do are within 5 minutes walk from the car park.

For more information about visiting and staying in Robin Hoods Bay, visit the Cottages Whitby website at www.cottageswhitby.com


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