A Guide to Cancun

Cancun is the number one option for your spring break and there is a certain reason for that. Its beautiful beaches, numerous activities, and a wide range of attractions to be visited are incredibly appealing to the thousand of tourists who decide to visit the spot every year. Supposing you are one of them, you should have a look at our guide and decide whether it’s the type of holiday you want.


As this is the perfect getaway place for Americans, they can get there very easy with frequent connecting flights. For those that are unlucky to be living in the distant Europe or Asia, they might as well take the plane. However, later it might be a bit difficult for them to get around without a car, but there are perfect substitutes such as buses and taxis.


There are plenty of choices for accommodation, depending on your budget. If you can afford luxurious and expensive resorts, there are plenty of them such as Royal Sands, Cancun Palace, Hotel Riu Cancun, ClubMed, Soberanis Hotel. If your budget is limited, you might choose hotels like Rivemar, Las Palmas and Quetzal. If you search harder, you could surely find some villas or lounging rooms for lower price and more quietness.


The real part of you trip begins here. After you have arrived and settled you should hit the place as it has a lot to offer to you. First of all, the tremendous beaches that you have come to see make your holiday sunny and relaxing and no matter which one you choose you will be please with them – Playa Caracol which is great for families, Playa Ballenas or Playa Las Perlas that have numerous attractions like water sports and beach bars.

The most interesting place to visit there is the Interactive Aquarium where you can enjoy a full insight with the water nature and communicate with the animals. You can also visit the islands – Isla Mujeres which is a really magnificent one and you can find everything you need there and Isla Contoy where you can pay attention to the great variety of bird species. And if you still need to be in contact with the green nature, there are a lot of wildlife parks in Cancun and close to it. Xcaret, Reserva Natural Tres Rios, Garrafon National Park and Aktun Chen are the wildlife parks that enable you to enjoy the local flora and fauna.


Apart from visiting all the mentioned objects and trying out their experiences, you might as well want to do something else. Water sports are the main thing that you should not miss and all kinds are offered in any beach you visit. No matter if you prefer snorkeling, scuba diving or jet skiing, you can enjoy all of them everywhere, whenever you want. However if you feel like doing something else, Cancun is famous for being a golf player’s paradise so don’t hesitate on starting a game even if you are inexperienced. Another possibility you have is to go horseback riding which is very exciting or you might observe the birds at the airport. The most amazing thing that you can try is swim with dolphins which is a really limited opportunity for now.

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