About Us

Coastlines & Beaches Weekly was created to share with you information of the best beaches and coastlines throughout the world. Whether you’re planning a vacation to the beach or one day hope to live on the beautiful coastline of California, Australia or Miami, this blog is all about water, sunshine and enjoying life.

Coastlines & Beaches Weekly

What You’ll Find on Coastlines & Beaches Weekly

Coastlines & Beaches Weekly focuses on everything relating to the beach and the beach lifestyle and covers interesting topics like:

  • great vacation destinations
  • the best surfing spots in the world
  • beach cuisine
  • spa retreats
  • fitness on the beach
  • airline travel to coastline destinations
  • country-specific guides to the ultimate coastline destinations
  • the best things to see on your vacation
  • cruise guides around the world
  • home rentals on the beach
  • beach-side investment properties
  • and even advice about starting beach-based businesses!

There are over 800,000 beaches in the world with a total coastline that’s long enough to reach the moon. While we can’t cover them all, we’ll do our best to highlight the world’s best beaches for you to visit and help you plan a destination for your dream vacation. If you’re thinking about investing in oceanfront real estate or starting a business on the beach, we’ve got advice for that, too. As beach lovers, we also know how to have fun! We’ll clue you in to some of the best surfing, snorkeling and diving spots around the world, from Australia’s Gold Coast to California’s world-famous beaches.

Please take a look around and find inspiration from the world’s most beautiful coastlines and beaches! We have a little bit of everything and we’ll do our best to clue you in to some of the world’s best kept secrets.

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