Along the Cliffs of Scotland


There are to be sure a fair number of cliffs to be found in Scotland. The Towering Cliffs of Buchan for example are a stunning landmark near the village of Crovie. Like many good things in life, It might take a bit to reach some of them but they are well worth the effort of making the trip. All it takes is a flight into Edinburgh Airport an one will be set up in the perfect location to explore many of the cliffs in Scotland. Be sure to book parking at Edinburgh Airport in advance for the best deals. It is perhaps not the ideal vacation for one who is afraid of heights or one who prefers not to exert a lot of effort while on vacation.

St Abb’s Head National Nature Reserve is another beautiful spot that is not too far from Edinburgh. When I flew in I stayed at the Hilton Hotel at Edinburgh Airport It really added a bit of luxury to my stay! There are a great number of birds to be spotted like the Shag, Razorbill and Puffin. The Torridian Sandstone Cliffs on Handa Island are also quite the bird watching hot spot with over nine different types of seabirds to be found and over 120,000 pairs of breeders amongst the various colonies on the cliffs.

Another point of interest for cliff lovers would definitely be Old Red Sand Stone Cliffs that are a short drive from the The Marriott Hotel at Edinburgh Airport. The Old Red Sand Stone Cliffs are a favorite for tourists. The cliffs are often photographed. They are well worth the hike up to view them and to listen to the surf crashing against the rocks below. The breeze is often quite brisk so be sure to pack a sweater in your bag before you head off on your walk up the path and along the edge. The cliffs also provide a vey of St Johns Head, Hoy and the Orkney Islands.

I have always loved my coastal trips and some of the cliffs in Scotland provide stunning scenery and wildlife, a must see!

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