An Introduction to Australia’s Gold Coast

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The Gold Coast in Australia is situated south east of Queensland. This beautiful coastal city is now a major premier destination for local tourist and international travelers. It has an ideal sunny subtropical climate that tourists love. It has fantastic surfing beaches, rainforest, high rise modern structures, theme parks and a lively nightlife these are the factors that made the Gold Coast a favorite tourist destination with good economic standing, well secured surroundings and friendly people.

Gold Coast city attractions are the usual destinations for many tourists but there’s more than these man made wonders. Gold Coast offers most unique natural attractions that are often obstructed by the mainstream tourist destinations. Some great attractions in Gold Coast hide behind the usual glitz and glamour of city life. Get to experience the Gold Coast at its fullest and learn about other unique places to see and be thrilled with its natural beauty.

Best Time to Visit Gold Coast

The best time to visit the Gold Coast will greatly depend on your travel purpose. May being the last month of autumn has a milder temperature but nights are a bit colder and temp could rise beyond 13°C. During this month you could enjoy your time in one of the water parks here which are available all year round. Visiting the Gold Coast Hinterland during May can be a bit chilly, prepare to bring warmer clothes. June is the best time for great whale watching. November is not ideal for surfing for most beaches are crowded with students on a break. November is an ideal time to visit due to the warmer summer weather but avoid the last week since this is the start of school break. December is great if you plan to stay near the beach and frolic under the summer’s sun. What truly matters is to check out the list of activities you plan to do and learn if it’s suited to your planned travel schedule.

Bewildered at the Gold Coast’s Hinterland

Springbrook National Park is part of the Gold Coast Hinterland which showcases the majestic beauty of the Purlingbrook Falls. It has a dynamic wildlife and a basal cave called the Cave Creek which you will find the Natural Bridge. This unusual natural geographical feature was created by nature for over a million years through the constant tumbling of water to the cave’s roof. The Cave Creek offers tourists a sight to behold of glowing worms night tours are available to appreciate these unique natural wonders.

The Tambourine National Park is on the north side of the Gold Coast Hinterland. Tourists can have several choices of accommodation types if they want to spend a night or two here from bed and breakfasts, hotels, retreats to camping sites. Lookouts here will give you a panoramic view of the entire Gold Coast. There are several hiking trails and a Gallery Walk with quaint coffee shops, art galleries and souvenir shops. There is a new Skywalk here that you could walk on tree tops, climb trees through rope courses or have a good horse ride on the highly wooded area.

Gold Coast’s Great Theme Parks

Tourists from all over the world are flocking the amazing theme parks here. One of the most frequented is the Dreamworld. If you are into extreme rides then you better take a ride on one of their extreme roller coasters and other mind boggling park rides. Children of all ages would surely enjoy a fun time here. Sea World is also a famous destination it features great rides like roller coasters, water slides and swimming pools. Sea World features sea creatures like dolphins, sea lions and other marine animals.

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