An Introduction to Beaches in Lisbon

Cascais, Portugal

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When you think of Lisbon, you may not think of going to the beach and sunbathing, but Lisbon is actually one of the only capital cities that you can visit in the whole of Europe and be able to visit the beach during your stay.  The beaches in Lisbon are beautiful and although they may not be as hot as you can find the beaches to be a little further south of the city, you can usually still enjoy a great day out with the family.  The beach is actually a popular place for the residents of Lisbon to travel to for the day.  Those living in the Lisbon apartments and complexes close to the beach areas will tell you just how enjoyable a day out at the Lisbon beaches is, and if it’s good enough for the locals, then surely the tourists will love it!

The kinds of beaches that you will find in Lisbon are of an exceptional standard.  You will notice that the Blue flags are flying on the beaches around Lisbon to show that they have passed the European’s criteria for clean beaches.  This is important as you need to be sure that you are not going to stand on a dangerous piece of litter and that the water and sand is free from dangerous pollutants too.

Some of the best Lisbon beaches can be reached by traveling by train.  You should catch the train that travels from Lisbon to Cascais because Cascais is one of the best places near Lisbon to relax on the beaches.  In Cascais you can find surfing beaches such as Guincho beach.  It is renowned worldwide for being a great surfing beach, and although the sun here is not baking hot, you may even appreciate the milder climate that allows you to maintain the energy to surf or do other such water sports.  Some of the other beaches close to Guincho are the Praia de Conceicao and the Praia da Rainha.  These beaches do lie in the sunnier part of the Lisbon coast line.  If you would prefer a quieter and slightly cooler beach, then you should head for the Costa da Caparica, Meco or the Adraga.  These have even been given some of the best European awards for being great beaches.

In order to visit the beaches in Lisbon, you could stay at a hotel, but for a more private holiday, you should consider the Lisbon apartments that are available for rent.  Whilst Madrid apartment rentals offer a historic experience, staying in an apartment in Lisbon can be a great way of being close to the beach, and often you can find the perfect apartment to hire that even has a sea view.

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