Beaches of Lombok, Indonesia

When someone mentions Indonesia, the first island that comes to mind is often Bali. Everyone knows Bali. However, just one island East is the much lesser known island of Lombok. Here the beaches are just as stunning with less than half the crowd! Here are three beaches on Lombok that are great for sand, surf, and sun!

lombok beaches

by sakharnair on Flickr


Although this amazing beach shares the same name as Kuta, Bali they have nothing else in common. Kuta, Bali is overcrowded and uninspiring. Come over to Kuta, Lombok and your experience will dramatically change. Here the beaches are clean and quiet. There are only a handful of restaurants on the beaches with the hotels just across the road. The waters are calm and cool. You will have some nice mountains to the sides and waves off in the distance. There actually isn’t much to do bedsides relax on the beach….But who’s complaining? If you wanted a loud and messy beach party, go back to Kuta, Bali!


Only about a 10-15 minute very bumpy ride over from Kuta is Grupuk. There isn’t a beach here. This area is for surfers only! I hope you rested up on Kuta because once you are here, you will be tossed, twisted and turned by the constant waves here. The waves here can accommodate beginner and pro surfers alike. The outside waves being the beginning ones. As you go inside you will find a long right wave to surf if you dare. There is only a very small and unimpressive collection of guesthouses in Grupuk and many choose to make the drive over from Kuta to get their waves. You will take a boat from the shore in Grupuk out to where the waves are breaking which takes about 10 minutes. If you’re a beginner you can hire an experienced local to take you out for some lessons.

Gili Islands

The Gili’s consist of three tiny specs of land off the northwest coast of Lombok and is Lombok’s only claim to fame as of now. In order from west to east are: Trawangan, Meno, and Air; all are gorgeous to say the least. Here you can do all three things promised in the beginning of this article. Sun, sand and surf! You can also add fabulous snorkeling as well. While swimming keep an eye out for the giant sea turtles! Trawangan is the largest and most popular party island. Meno is exactly what it sounds like, mini! You can walk the island in a matter of 2 hours or less. Air is the perfect middle ground of the two. While here you will get to gaze upon spectacular sunsets as well as the mainland of Lombok not too far in the distance. These tiny specs can make you forget what day it is in heartbeat.

While in Indonesia don’t forget about Bali’s beautiful next door neighbor. You will not be disappointed!

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