Best Beach Spots for Stag Parties

The world is filled with beaches and coastlines that cater to all kinds of people. Some are safe and secure, just right for families.  Others are  designed with surfers in mind. Some are wild and untamed, some are lined with skyrises…

And some are made to party.

If you’ve been nominated to plan the stag party of the century, have no fear! The beach is where it’s at, and this guide will help you choose the best party beaches for your mate’s getting-married shindig.



Bournemouth makes a great destination for a short trip from London. This hot spot is wildly popular for stag and hen parties, so your mate won’t be the only one playing drinking games in whatever strange ensemble you’ve forced him in. During the summer, Bournemouth is packed with vacationers from all over the UK, so the whole area has a relaxed, go with the flow feel.


If England is still a little too close to home, hop on a plane and jet off to Magaluf, otherwise known as “Shagaluf”. If you and the boys are looking to mix it up with some of the most gorgeous ladies around, there is no where else you’d rather be. With all the booze, babes, and sun, you’ll feel like you’re in a Hangover sequel – except without the missing tooth.


In the province of  Alicante, Spain lies the party town of Benidorm. The agenda? Aside from turning a deep shade of red under the hot Spanish sun, you’ll  be stumbling through a pub crawl while you ask for one more cerveza, por favor. You might not understand what all the gorgeous Spaniards are saying, so you’ll have to rely on body language to charm the ladies. Don’t forget to pack some extra quid to try your luck at Benidorm’s top-class casinos.

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