Best Beaches in and around Waikiki

Is there anyone out there that hasn’t found themselves lying on a Waikiki Beach in their dreams? Well, now they might come true as soon as you decide to hit the road to some of the best beaches not only in Hawaii, but in the whole world. Fun is guaranteed, all you have to do is bring your nearest and dearest and cheer up for the time of your life. The best thing is that there are enough beaches to vary your holiday so it’s a good idea to try all of them. As Waikiki beach is often overcrowded, here are some perfect alternatives where you might enjoy your personal space and relax.

waikiki beach

Diamond Head Beach

This is a fantastic place to be on your own without having a hard time dealing with the noisy crowd. It is rarely visited mostly because of the impossibility of finding a parking lot. However, a lot of Waikiki hotels arrange appropriate transport to the place where you could only sit around and wait for the time to pass. For those that are keen on water sports, the place is perfect for surfing and snorkeling to see the coral reef, as most of the visitors are sportsmen. On the other hand, people in need of full relaxation will be able to have a change of scenery and enjoy a completely different type of beach. Actually, the landmark itself has been a volcano crater and now is interesting for hiking – something exciting in addition to the calm holiday.

Ala Moana Beach Park

Situated close to Waikiki and Honolulu, this beach is one of the locals’ favorites. It is long, almost half a mile, and a lot less lively than Waikiki beach, which guarantees your peaceful time there. Surfers should probably head for another place, as the water here is calm – ideal for swimmers. Another possible activity is paddle-boarding that can be really fun. As the bottom is full of reef and stones, children should either be careful, or move to the east part where the water is clean. The beach is perfect for families, for having picnics and long romantic walks.

Waikiki Beach

The renowned beach itself has everything to offer to its visitors but tranquility and relaxation. Therefore, it is a perfect place for young people, big groups of friends or students rather than families or elderly couples. Truthfully, you can find there anything you might possibly need – A great variety of water sports is provided for the most adventurous – snorkeling, parasailing, windsurfing. Party animals are on the exact place they would want to be – the music never stops, even in the early hours of the morning. The numerous facilities around the beach make it impossible for it to calm down. It is full of hotels, restaurants and bars. An untraditional activity is being organized every weekend there – a movie festival in Kapiolani Park, which is a fantastic place for picnics as well.

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