Best East Coast Beach Vacations

The beach has always been a perfect destination for lone travelers, honeymooning couples, and families with kids. All over the world, most of the finest tourist spots involve beaches, which is why it is quite impossible to miss these refreshing sites and locations if you plan to have a splashing, totally electrifying escape. In the US, a lot of people consider going to the East Coast just to experience the fresh sea breeze as they relax in the best and most visited beaches. The following are considered some of the best among numerous beaches you can find in this part of the continent.

best east coast vacations

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Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida and the surrounding area is known for clear and sparkling white sand beaches that are complimented by warm and shallow waters that are ideal for family outings and vacations. Kids are free to experience the water without having to worry about anything, as fully skilled and devoted lifeguards are always there to make sure everything is all about fun! Even couples and singles are mesmerized by the beauty of the pure and seemingly virgin beaches in Tampa, which makes it one of the top in this list. If you are planning to stay for more than a day, you can consider finding a beach hotel online and book for reservations especially during peak seasons. While at the beach, you rent a cabana or an umbrella, and a watercraft for you to enjoy while you relax.

Edisto Island, South Carolina

For a more affordable beach vacation, you can go to Edisto Island and enjoy a more down to earth night out with your kids. The most common activities in this island include karaoke, camping, hiking, and dining. There are plenty of options in terms of accommodation, where you can relax and take pleasure from a simple yet satisfying retreat by the beach. People who are craving for a soothing and refreshing refuge without spending loads of cash are welcomed by Edisto Island’s simple environment.

Nags Head, North Carolina

You can ask the locals about it, and you will certainly get a positive answer: Nags Head has the best beach in town, Coquina Beach! With an exquisite view of the live and captivating waters, spending a day or two at the Coquina Beach can be the best summer treat you can give yourself and your kids. It has tall sand dunes where the shipwreck Laura Barnes has been covered in since the 1970’s—a good place to play “treasure hunting”, and get a look at historical bits and pieces.

Cape May, New Jersey

Here is where you can find the Sunset Beach—beyond doubt the most enchanting in this part of the planet.  Anyone yearning to have a romantic spree has definitely got to check this beach out! Aside from being tourist friendly with all the accommodation options you can choose from, the Sunset Beach is near the Cape May lighthouse and is just a short bike ride to the tip of the Sunset Boulevard. A perfect and popular destination for lovers and families, Sunset Beach in Cape May, New Jersey is one of the best east coast beaches.

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