Best Locations for a Holistic Beach Retreat


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Many holiday destinations offer spa treatments as one of the leisure activities that residents of the hotel can indulge in to relax. These treatments are varied but most of them focus on the relaxation of the body but not the person as a whole. It is for this reason that holistic retreats are gaining in popularity because they have an extensive wellness program that covers key areas of nutrition, physical fitness as well as mental health to make sure the body is fully relaxed. Aside from diet meals delivered to the hotel or prepared on site, there are many other benefits. These holistic retreats go beyond creating a holiday experience but focus on the improvement of an individual’s overall health. Some of the best places to visit for a holistic beach retreat include:

Hua Hin, Thailand

This resort is located on the quieter beaches in the country and is a tranquil setting for a holistic retreat. The resort has a variety of programs to cater for the needs of the residents depending on what they would like to achieve while on holiday. Some of the programs that they have on offer include personal discovery, holistic health and natural detox among others. The staff that is employed to facilitate these programs are professionals in the field of aromatherapy, acupuncture as well as naturopathy. These techniques can sometimes be combined with other western techniques to enhance the holistic treatment as a whole. Furthermore, the resort offers initial consultation to the residents that want to be involved in the wellness program so that the health treatments offered are effective on their bodies.

Ilha Grande, Brazil

This location offers an island experience program that is all round that has a variety of health treatments for the residents of the retreat. Some of the activities that visitors to the island would get involved in include yoga, spa treatments and a fitness program as well. The activities that make up the holistic program at Ilha Grande are structured to last seven days so as to detox the body as well as de-stress the mind during the retreat. Apart from the indoor treatments, the beach retreat also offers outdoor activities that help in the fitness of the body. In addition, other activities such as yoga, holistic massages and even meditation can be done on the beach to allow residents on the island to enjoy the natural surroundings as well.  Furthermore, the atmosphere of the retreat is laid back and cozy with residents being placed in groups to encourage accountability and bonding.

Maya Riviera, Mexico

This particular location is well known for its luxurious hotels that offer holistic beach retreats to their residents.  The resorts that offer holistic retreats offer programs that include spa treatments that involve the integration of the body, spirit, mind and emotions to ensure that the body is fully relaxed. The retreats also offer yoga and body massage treatments that are done on the beach by the professionals in aromatherapy and acupuncture among others. In addition, the meals are also nutritious and served in an atmosphere that is tranquil.

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