Best Party Islands in Greece

Greek residents certainly know how to have fun. Therefore, there is no better choice for a party holiday than these Greek islands where not only the weather is warm, but the people are friendly. If you’re ready for a memorable experience, hit the road to Greece and its fabulous islands that are impatient to make your visit worthwhile in every aspect. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit, backpackers travel insurance, and extra batteries for your camera to make all your Facebook friends jealous!


The first suggestion is Paros Island where you enjoy the combination of sunny beaches in  Mediterranean climate and party nights in the Greek way. Apart from the typical sunbathing, swimming and nightclubs dancing, there is a lot more to be done on that Island. For example, plenty of famous and interesting sights which would give you some knowledge about the place you’re visiting. If you are more of an adventurous type of tourist, you might as well want to experience some new activities such as windsurfing, especially at Tserdakia Beach and Chrisi Akti. Another untraditional place you might visit is the Valley of the Butterflies where you can enjoy numerous beautiful species. Back on the topic, some of the best night clubs you might want to enter are Pounda Beach Bar, Saloon Dor and Down Under. It is highly unlikely that you might regret you trip there, as it would be fantastic.


Another remarkable opportunity for an exciting holiday is Ios Island. It has recently been regarded as one of the hottest places to be visited in Greece. People there party not only during the night, but in the sunlight as well. If you prefer going to the beach, Milopotas is probably the best choice, although the party atmosphere is also there because of the largest disco called ‘The Scorpion’. You can sense the night life all around you. However, the best places to have fun are ‘Slammer’, ‘The Dubliner’ and ‘Sweet Irish Dream’ where a good time is guaranteed.  When you need peace and tranquility, Kalamos Beach and the beach of Plakes can provide it for you.


Undoubtedly, the best place for a party trip is Mykonos Island. There is not a chance for a relaxed and peaceful holiday there, so be ready for sleepless nights and endless fun. Paradise Beach is regarded as the best party beach in the world, where you can start to spend your energy as early as possible. Full of handsome young people, attractive beaches, lively atmosphere and unstoppable nightlife, Mykonos Island provides you with the best possible party holiday, as long as you can handle it. No matter the company, the non-stop party is of no less quality than the world-famous places such as St. Tropez, Miami and Ibiza.  However, it is much more affordable and definitely memorable.

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