Best Places to Shop in Europe

Europe has now become a premier shopping destination for travelers from around the world. Millions of tourists each year march their way to Europe’s shopping malls, luxury stores and specialty shops in order to get the best quality merchandise. A well-preserved cultural heritage and an easy open border policy make it easy for any jetsetters to hop (and shop) from one country to another. Europe is great for shopping connoisseurs who take pleasure in buying exquisite merchandise while immersing oneself in the unique and sophisticated culture. There are a lot of amazing shops and malls around Europe that make this vast continent the shopping Mecca of the world.

Chanel Paris

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Paris: Shopping in Style

Paris is the ultimate shopping destination for any shopaholics around the world. This lovely city of France offers the very finest things that cater to even the most discriminating buyer. Paris is the ultimate destination for haute couture fashion, designer labels, genuine articles and top of the line world class brands that offer luxury to shoppers from around the world.

The Champs-Élysées is the perfect place to shop and be seen in the heart of Paris, with many stores carrying great brands of the latest styles in fashion. The iconic address of Avenue Montaigne offers rows of fine stores that carry designer brand apparel from fine clothing article to fashionable leather bags and branded fine jewelries. Aside from the luxurious stores there are also flea markets around that offer a wide assortment of attractive yet affordable items that one can treasure. So when you come to Paris to shop better stay in one of the finest Paris hotels and live out your luxury life in one of your great European shopping adventures.

Amsterdam: Shop with Elegance

There are many cosy little areas in Amsterdam that offer plenty of shopping opportunities. Amsterdam has a rich cultural heritage evident in their well-preserved historical buildings and scenic streets with authentic European charms. Whether you enjoy exploring the outdoor shopping venues or in elegant indoor malls, there is always more room for shopping in Amsterdam.

The Magna Plaza two-story centre is situated in a former Amsterdam postal service headquarters historical building. This destination for great fashion finds and shoe stores is definitely worth your time to visit seeing the old magnificent building which is a UNESCO heritage site is an added bonus on your shopping expedition.

Magna Plaza is situated conveniently near famous Amsterdam’s Dam Square where you can find this huge and elegant exclusive department store which houses world class brands like Louis Vuitton and Hermès. Shop to your heart’s content for high end fashion to designer label perfumes and from great literature to stylish interior design furnishings. While doing all your elegant shopping you must stay in one of the best Amsterdam hotels, your haven after a long day of marathon shopping.

Unique Shopping Experience in London

London, being one of the world’s top cities can offer the best shopping experience for any classy global shoppers from around the world. London offers world class shopping through its big name shopping establishments found in Regent and Oxford Street. For more nostalgia in your shopping experience head down to Camden Market where you could shop for the finest antiques which also sells unique clothing, craft items and other local merchandise. While the famous Bond Street has designer labels stores that caters to the most discriminating shoppers there is also one great area that offers a more serene shopping experience and that is Chelsea where you can shop in style in one of its chic boutiques.

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