Brilliant Beaches of Brazil

Going to Brazil? Don’t forget to check out the famous and also hidden beaches that Brazil offers.


Copacabana by laszlo-photo on Flickr

Praia da Fazenda

Smack between the two largest cities in the country, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, is the natural beauty of Praia da Fazenda. This is protected lush rainforest that’s sat on a perfect stretch of white sand and clear blue water. This beach is pretty desolate and you can be guaranteed a nice spot to lay your towel with hardly another soul in site. If you fancy some activities, kayaking and surfing are popular in this area.

Fernando do Noronha

An archipelago made up of 21 islands is a hidden gem in the azure sea. Fernando do Noronha has many beaches to offer all who visit these amazing islands. At Praia do Leao you can experience the wonder of turtle hatching here. If surfing is your sport, this spot is also for you. On Praia da Baia you can see the unique red sand beaches here that flow into the clear and clean blue water.


Considered one of the world’s best beaches is Copacabana. There is over 4km of gorgeous sand beaches to bask under the sun on. While a bit crowded due to it’s fame, it’s still worth a visit. There is good reason why so many flock to the popular beach. The nightlife is quite outstanding too if you’re not tired from playing in the sun all day that is.

Ipanema Beach

If you want to sun your buns with the cool kids, head to Ipanema Beach. A well-known urban beach in Rio de Janeiro, this spot is the place to become a sun god or goddess. White sand, bodacious men and women strolling the beaches, and some excellent seafood make this beach a must visit.

Caraiva, Bahia

Cool, chill, and happy is the beach of Caraiva, Bahia. Without the noise from the motorized transport and just the sounds of surf crashing down on the sand, you will lose track of time here very quickly. The sand beaches go on for what seems like miles uninterrupted as far as the eye can see. Quiet and idyllic is the best way to describe this sandy beauty.

Trindade Paraty

Besides beaches, you can dive, hike, surf, kayak and more at Trinidade Paraty in Rio de Janeiro. Odd rock formations lay strung across the coastline and it’s backed by a tropical rain forest. It’s beautiful and perfect for the active beach goer or your everyday beach bum.

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