Cartagena, a Colonial Paradise

The first Spanish colony on the American continent is here in Cartagena. This ethnically diversified area is the most visited area on the entire country. The colorful and historical streets, interesting museum, spectacular churches, and beaches for miles are just a taste of what Cartagena offers.


One of the most famed attractions in the city is the historical old town that is surrounded by a city wall. This is also called the Ciudad Amurallada. Check out the old neighborhoods, especially the Plaza Trinidad in Getsemani. This is the oldest part of Cartagena. The city’s walls are remarkably intact and together despite being over 500 years old. This is some of the most historical areas of the city and is a example of the Spanish colonial architecture.

For more impressive architecture and history just meander of the Castillo de San Felipe. This fortress was designed by a Dutch engineer and was used for protection against pirates. There is also the La Popa which is a hill that provides some fabulous views of the harbor and all of Cartagena.

There are historical museums like the Palacio de la Inquisicion and other museums of interest like the Gold Museum. It’s also worth checking out the churches like the Iglesia de San Pedro Claver which honors the priest, St. Pedro Claver. He was first New World saint to work with the slaves. There are plenty more brilliant and beautiful churches to check out in the area as well.

Last but certainly not least is perhaps the greatest attraction of the area, the beach. The urban lifestyle doesn’t have to only include tall buildings and a hectic city regimen. The beaches, such as Playa Blanca, are an excellent spot to throw the towel down and bask under the sun. Take a dip, get a massage, try out the seafood and enjoy being away from the city without actually being all that far.

Cartagena is an interesting and spectacular city to visit, but if you are taking a liking to the place why not just post up here a bit more permanently. It’s becoming a great spot for retirees or anyone else looking for a new and great lifestyle somewhere else in the world. There are many companies that can make it easy to find a new home. One of my favorite websites, Lamudi, is a great place to look. Should you call Cartagena home someday, it would be worth taking a few Spanish classes or even some dance classes to blend in and embrace this new Spanish culture in your life.

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