Checklist: What To Do Before You Go On Vacation

Getting ready for a vacation can be a hectic process, especially if you’ve got a family that’s going to join you. While most of us won’t pull off what made the movie Home Alone so famous, it’s common for people to forget everything from shoes, to clothes, toiletries and even their wallet. But it’s even more natural for us to make sure that everything is locked up at home while we’re away. From the simple conveniences to locking our houses up, it’s easy to forget the smaller things. Here’s a few things to do before leaving on vacation, especially if you’re about to walk out the door.

Set Your DVR

If you’ve got a favorite TV show that you’re going to miss while you’re a way, make sure to set your DVR to record it. Sometimes, you can catch specialty programs like Party Poker television streaming on the internet. If it’s a current show, however, missing a single episode in any series that you’re obsessed with can completely ruin the storyline for you. Missing the season finale is even worse, so make sure that you run through your favorite shows and know which ones you’re going to miss a new episode of and which ones are reruns. Most people don’t realize that they haven’t recorded their favorite show until they get back and see that they have missed an episode… season ruined.

Lower the Thermostat

You don’t need to have your home at room temperature while you’re away on vacation. If it’s the middle of winter, turn your thermostat down to about 58 degrees to prevent your pipes from freezing while you’re gone. If it’s the summer, unless you’ve got a pet, you can simply turn your air conditioning off. Temperature control of the home is one of the more expensive utilities that we use today, so there’s no point in wasting money while you aren’t there.

Let the Mailman Know

Aside from the fact that you won’t be able to stop your dog from hounding the postal worker, letting the post office know you’ll be out of town is a good idea if your trip is going to last more than 7 or 8 days. If your mailbox fills up too fast, they put a hold on everything and will possibly send your mail back. With a simple phone call, the post office holds onto your mail until you return to pick it up. This may still be a smart idea if you’ll only be gone a few days, but tend to receive a lot of mail.

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