Extreme Travel Adventures with Heineken’s Dropped Campaign

While most of our readers may describe their ideal travel journey as relaxing on a far-flung beach or exploring a rocky coastline, Heineken is presenting us with a totally new kind of travel adventure with their Dropped campaign.

Imagine this: Instead of arriving to a luxurious resort in Fiji or a beachside cabana in Mexico, you are dropped out of a plane by… clowns. Or you find yourself surrounded by the great Alaskan wilderness with only a plane ticket and a few other strange accessories that may or not help you get to your final destination – home.

The men participating in the series are from all over the world, and are “dropped” on over four continents, so expect lots of destination eye candy from the series. Destinations include Poland, Morocco, Cambodia, Alaska, and the Philippines.

You can follow along with these adventures on the Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel. You’ll be able to join these extreme travelers as they find out what they’re really made of. On the YouTube channel, there will be regular updates so we can see exactly what each adventurer is up to. They will also do regular diary updates, so we can find out who is conquering their fears and who is bowing down to them.

The big question remains: Will they make it home?

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