First class business travel vs. Private Jets

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Travelling for business engagements is a common phenomenon in most large organizations, with most of them requiring executives to fly from one destination to another. Companies can either choose to use commercial airlines that have first class options for those travelling for business or use a private jet. A private plane can either be bought by the company or bought when the need arises. Nevertheless, the debate on whether to use first class business travel or use private jets has been raging on with many companies still struggling to make a final decision. Some of the key areas of the debate as to which type of air transport between the two should be used for business travel include:

First, when using first class travel for business using commercial airlines there is a lot of time wasted through the various activities can be done before the plane is boarded. These activities include the inspection that involves undressing, checking in of luggage and queuing before boarding among others. In business time is money and so delays in this area can be very costly in the long run leading to loss of business. On the other hand, when using a private jet the time schedule is dictated by the client thereby eliminating the possibility of missing flights or cancellations at the last minute. Bookings can be made at short notice and the plane boarded at least half an hour before departure thus saving a lot of time that can be used to clinch other business deals at the destination.

Second, the environment in a private jet is much more comfortable especially for long haul flights that involve an extended time in the jet. Most private jets have a variety of conveniences that are used by executives, so that they can keep conducting their business even when in the air. A jet management company will be able to fit any features you desire in your aircraft. Some of these conveniences include computers, telephones and even meals that are served according to their preferences. However, when travelling first class on commercial flights the conveniences are a bit limited because the airlines have to cater for the needs of passengers on the plane. The special treatment is available, but not to the level of using a private jet whose passengers is most likely to be one or two executives from an organization.

Finally, in business impression is very important especially when involved in deals that are in the millions as both partners need to trust each other. Using a private jet for many organizations gives an impression to the other partner that they are serious and can deliver on the project that has been assigned to them. Furthermore, the private jet also allows the executives to attend meetings at destinations that may not be served by any of the commercial airlines in the area. However, when travelling on business class using commercial airlines there is limitation on the destinations that they are able to fly into and lack of an impression factor to potential business partners.

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