How to get into the Christmas Spirit at the Beach

When most people think of the ideal Christmas setting, they picture glistening frozen ponds, snow-covered trees, a warm fire, carolers, hot chocolate and warm, festive clothing. Still, you can spend your Christmas holiday on the beach without ditching the Christmas spirit. Even though a warm beach isn’t wintry and chilly, there’s still plenty of ways to get into the spirit of the season as you enjoy warm weather, sandy beaches, and Christmas cards from a 48 hour print shop. Here are some ideas.

Beach Christmas

by Captain Kimo on Flickr

Bring Along Old Christmas Cards

If you find yourself missing the snow, think about packing a stack of old Christmas cards from friends and family to look at as you recline under the sun. This might help you feel more connected to your favorite Christmas traditions while making a new one all your own.

Take Photos in a Santa Hat

Want to bring a little bit of Christmas to the sand? Try posing for fun pictures of yourself or your family in Santa hats. These pictures will serve as wonderful mementos of your warm holiday season and also make great postcards to send home!

Look for Local Christmas Celebrations

If you plan to spend the holiday in a warm climate, be sure to look for local beach Christmas celebrations in the area. Most beach communities host some type of celebration or event. Newport Beach, California, for example, is set to celebrate it’s 104th annual Christmas boat parade. The parade features everything from one-man kayaks to 100-foot-long super-yachts, all decorated with Christmas lights. What better way to enjoy the water and the weather while still getting in traditional Christmas celebrations?

Decorate a Palm Tree

You may even want to grab some strands of Christmas lights and a few bulbs to decorate a palm tree on the beach. Set up a lounge chair under your new Christmas tree and enjoy a drink as you watch the waves gently roll in.

Grab some Ice Cream

Is the warm weather making it hard for you to get into the Christmas spirit? Maybe you need something tasty to cool you off. Many Christmas in July celebrations include ice cream and other cold drinks and food so the same principle can be used to celebrate a chilly Christmas on the beach. If ice cream isn’t available, try some tropical shaved ice!

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