Ibiza, Spain’s #1 Party Destination

Ibiza, Spain really started to get the world’s attention in the 1960’s, when it became a haven for artists from around the globe. Within a decade, international jet-setters discovered the island, too, and started to host legendary parties. It wasn’t long before Ibiza was dubbed one of the best party cities in Europe. If you want to have fun, grab a cheap flight to Ibiza and get ready.


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Ibiza: Home to the World’s Largest Club

The small Spanish island of Ibiza made the Guinness Book of World Records as home to the world’s largest club. Privilege is a non-stop nightclub with the capacity for 10,000 party-goers and the club itself isn’t far from San Rafael and about 1 kilometer from another famous nightclub, Amnesia. Privilege was the host of Manumission, perhaps Ibiza’s most famous event, for 14 years before it was moved to Amnesia. Privilege is an absolute must-stop if you’re on the island to party.

The Best Clubs for Partying

There are seven major clubs on the island. Along with Privilege and Amnesia near San Rafael, don’t forget to spend some time at DC10 by the airport, Eden and Es Paradise on the waterfront of San Antonio, Pacha at the Ibiza Marina and Space, right next to Playa d-en Bosso. You’ll find there are a number of smaller places that are worth checking out too, such as Martina and Boho. Entertainment at the major clubs are set by the clubs themselves and outside promoters from around the world. Music varies by night and promoter so you’ll never get the same experience twice.


Another huge part of the club scene on the island is the music bars, many of which are found in the resorts. Many clubbers start off here to warm up for a big night or just to enjoy the more relaxed atmosphere. The majority of the music bars have free admission and more affordable drinks without sacrificing the great DJs you get at the big clubs.

Hit the Beaches

Think clubbing is the only thing to do in beautiful Ibiza? Think again. The island is also home to beautiful beaches along with some secluded coves to discover. In Ibiza Town and the southern part of the island, Playa d’en Bossa in the resort is a great place to swim, lounge in the sun or learn to windsurf. This area of the island is especially popular with windsurfers once that southern wind starts to blow. The long, curved Talamanca Beach offers soft, warm sand with a wooden boardwalk that runs the enter beach so you stop in for a drink or a meal as you stroll.

Scuba Diving in Ibiza

With more than 200 kilometers of coastline and warm, crystal-clear waters, it’s no surprise that Ibiza is a popular resort for divers year-round. The island offers a number of qualified schools with beginner and advanced courses and you can try your hand at diving some of the well-known caves and wrecks in the nearby waters.

Best Time to Head to Ibiza

So, when should you plan your visit to get the biggest bang for your buck? Ibiza tends to be pretty quiet during January and the off-season and the biggest parties happen from May through October. It’s best to book your flight 2-3 months in advance to get the cheapest rates and secure your spot.

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