Island life in Greece

Greece is famed for its magnificent historical remains, fabulous beaches, Athens night life and, last but not least, its cuisine.

There is so much variety in this rich and fascinating country it’s hard to know where to start.

The good news is that Greece boasts scores of islands, several of which are like little countries in themselves.

Rhodes, Crete and The Ionian Islands all offer something uniquely special to visitors looking for the perfect Mediterranean holiday.


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Greek delights

It’s hard not to relax at just the thought of Greece. Everlasting summer sun, cool, sparkling blue waters and activities to suit all tastes just invite you to let your troubles disappear. Holidays to Greece are some of the most popular in the sun-and-sea variety but there is more to a break in this ancient country than sea and sand.


One of the most fascinating islands in Greece is welcoming Rhodes where the past meets the present as ancient sites rub shoulders with a vibrant night life. Highlights include the charming mediaeval fortified town, splendid for a leisurely stroll.

For a taste of local life, head out to surrounding villages where your can pick up traditional goodies such as honey and cheese as well as a bite to eat.


If archaeological remains are your thing, you will love Crete, the largest island in Greece.

You can lose yourself wandering around ancient sites dating from Minoan civilisation in spots like Knossos and Phasitos with pit stops at traditional tavernas for lunch or coffee.

The beaches are some of the finest in Greece. It isn’t surprising the coastline stretches for

1,000 kilometres and are dotted with coves and peninsulas which are fantastic for a cooling swim or water sports.

This friendly island has a cosmopolitan air likely owing to its history as a crossroads in the Mediterranean.

Ionian Islands

One thing you can be certain of when you visit the Ionian Islands is a warm and cheerful welcome. Well, you can also be sure of blue skies, deep and refreshing waters, mountainous countryside, fabulous events, water sports and historic monuments and museums too … doesn’t sound bad for a break in the sun, does it?

Well-known spots Zakynthos, Ithaca, Corfu (also known as Kerkyra), Kefalonia, Lefkada, and Paxi are the chief Ionian islands with a smattering of smaller and just as attractive islands dotted nearby. The choice is yours.

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