Israel’s Prettiest Beaches

When they hear the word beaches, most people don’t think of Israel, and that needs to change. The next time you find yourself in the Holy Land; check out some of these locations for some of the prettiest beaches you can visit.

Beit Yanai Beach

by ilans1 on Flickr

Beit Yanai Beach

Beit Yanai is a stunning beach, located where the Alexander River meets the Mediterranean Sea, which was converted into a nature reserve in 1994. It features a walking trail that is wheelchair accessible, and it allows overnight camping. Beit Yanai is extremely popular with kite surfers and other water sport enthusiasts, but it also attracts people interested in the wildlife. Here you can see soft shelled turtles and nutria, or relax in the eucalyptus grove. There is a small entrance fee paid per car, which goes towards maintaining this pristine beach.

Coral Reef Beach

Coral beach is located in Eilat on the Red Sea, and features a multicolored coral reef that is half a mile long. Walk down the pier to gaze into the water, or rent snorkeling gear and dive in to explore the wonders close up. There is a small entrance fee to Coral beach, which goes towards upkeep. The reef is home to 2,500 different species of sea life, many that you can only see in the Red Sea.

Dolphin Beach

This beautiful beach is home to a pod of bottle-nosed dolphins. Once you pay an admission fee, you can relax on the quiet beach and watch the dolphins play, or, if you are over the age of 10, you can join them in the crystal clear water. Take the opportunity to practice your underwater photography on this stunningly picturesque reef. For adults, there are also three relaxation pools where you can lay back and listen to music.

Caesarea Beach

Caesarea beach is a stunning beach of pure, clean white sand, featuring the ruins of an aqueduct ordered built by King Herod in the first century BC. Caesarea beach does not have any restaurants or piers, and so while it is a featured spot for many tours in the area, it does not attract as many people as other beaches. During the week, you will not find crowds or noise here, and on the weekend it is populated mostly by locals. Relax in peace and enjoy the view.

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