Jamaica’s Five Best Beaches

Jamaica is home to some of the most beautiful, safe and secluded beaches the world has to offer. This scenic island country located in the Caribbean Sea is one of the most popular island destinations for tourists and is home to beaches that put other “beach-destinations” to shame. From white sand to black, these beaches are by far the best you could choose for a vacation destination.


best beaches in jamaica

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Negril Beach

Tourists and natives to the island alike, head to this seven mile long beach during the holidays for comfort and beauty combined. Lined with hotels, restaurants and small snack vendors, this beach is defiantly one for mingling. Many enjoy walking along the white sand and taking in this beach’s breathtaking views. This beach is also a common home to many water sports and events.

Long Bay Beach

Located on the far eastern coast in Portland, this beach is excellent for seclusion. Surrounded by small fishing villages such as Port Antonio, this beach has fewer tourists and is a great spot if you feel the need to get away. Along your walk you will also find the stunning Reach Falls waterfall. There are a few quaint quest houses on this beautiful beach, making it a real taste of Jamaica without the hustle of commerce.

Silver Sands Beach

This beautiful scenic beach is recommended for its breathtaking view. Entrance to this beach is private, so there are little to no interruptions as you soak in some Jamaican sun. The water is crystal clear and with fine sands you find yourself relaxing in no time. The view behind this beach is littered with small villas, making it the perfect spot to swim or just lay out on the sands.

Burwood Beach

This beach is known as the “lover’s beach”, located in Falmouth, northern Jamaica. This beach is said to be popular among honeymooners with a fantastic view of the ocean and sunset, white sands and plenty of space to walk along enjoying one another’s company.

Reggae Beach

This beach is family oriented and a great place for a family day out while on vacation. This beach offers Jamaica’s whites sands, beautiful ocean view and crystal clear water, as well as jerk sands and pretty trees. In-season there is reggae music, grills and family fun to be had by all.

Jamaica has many beautiful beaches for one to choose from, all with the scenic and colorful culture this island country is known for. No matter if you’re two young lovers on honeymoon or a family on vacation. Or you’re just someone getting away from it all, the beaches of Jamaica has something to offer all. One thing you will be sure to find is the beautiful white sands and crystal clear ocean waters you desired to explore.

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