Morocco’s Acclaimed Beaches

Morocco’s beaches are as beautiful as any in the world, and they offer a wide array of activities for travelers to enjoy. Whether you are looking for a high-adrenaline surfing experience or a relaxing, romantic shore, Morocco has both. Here are the best beaches in Morocco, and what you need to know abut them.

Atlantic Coast

Morocco’s Atlantic Coastline is littered with beaches. These shores are wonderful places to watch the sunset, since they face westward into the seemingly endless Atlantic Ocean. Morocco’s Atlantic beaches, however, are known more for their winds and waves than they are for their sunsets.

Since these sandy shores are pounded by trade winds that come westward across the Atlantic’s expanse, they are often windy and wavy. While sailors, kite-boarders and surfers all frequent these beaches, they are most enjoyed by sail-boarders. The combination of wind and waves here make Morocco’s beaches some of the best in the world for sail-boarding, or windsurfing.


Essaouira is located on Morocco’s Atlantic Coast and has been frequented by the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley. Essaouira is known not only for its shoreline, but also for its culture. Travelers enjoy listening to the traditional music, looking at the brightly painted houses and meandering through the medina, which is a traditional North African market.


Asilah is located on Morroco’s far northern Atlantic shoreline, almost in the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to its beautiful beaches, the city is full of colorful murals on white-washed walls. Asilah has many local boutiques and is home to an annual summer festival. According to CNN, this town could quickly become a French tourist destination.

Mediterranean Coast

Morocco’s Mediterranean Coast is much more protected than its Atlantic Coast. The Mediterranean beaches are just as gorgeous as the Atlantic ones, but their waters are much calmer. People who prefer to relax, sunbathe and perhaps enjoy a drink near the water should consider heading to a Mediterranean beach, instead of an Atlantic one.


Tangier is on Morocco’s northern coast, with beaches that line the Mediterranean. As a small city, there is a lot to do here, in addition to enjoying the Mediterranean Sea. People can enjoy the street food, shop from street vendors and explore Tangier’s medina, or market. Tangier also has a rich and long history, because of its important location near the Strait of Gibraltar.
Among its most impressive attractions is the Kabash and Kabash Museum. This former palace has magnificent architecture and beautiful gardens. It also has many historical artifacts that help visitors appreciate the area’s rich history.

At Tangier, Café Hafa is the perfect setting for a cup of mint tea. The seats at this café overlook Tangier’s beaches, but this is not the only place to have mint tea. Mint tea is a traditional Moroccan drink, which Moroccans drink on a daily basis. It is a time to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family. What better way is there to spend time at a beach than engaging in the local culture and sipping tea with friends?

About the Author: Ethan Steadman writes for Morocco Tours, which helps people discover the hidden wonders of Morocco.

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