My Favorite Beaches in Dominica

If you happen to be looking for some different destinations for your sand and sun fix then Dominica is your island. Many confuse this little speck of land for the Dominican Republic as Dominica is rather unknown. This beautifully hidden island is near the popular French islands of Guadeloupe, Marie Galante and  Les Saintes, in the Caribbean.  What are some of the best beaches here you ask? Let’s take a look.

best beaches in dominica

by jries on Flickr


First on the list is the scenic beach of Calibishie which literally translates to “nets of reef.” This beach, being the only beach that is protected by a reef, feeds this little fishing village. With a lush mountain backdrop and golden sand beaches this place is impressive. Also impressive is the famous Red Rock that you will see in the distance. (The restaurant with the same name in this area is also fabulously tasty!)

Champagne Beach

A next favorite is the bubbling beaches of Champagne beach. As you can guess from the name, this amazing beach actually bubbles! Due to the volcanic nature around this beach, gas bubbles poke out the bottom of the sands making you feel like your swimming in champagne. Be sure to bring your snorkel gear so you can see the fabulous array of fish and colorful reefs. If you’re into diving get ready to dive to the depths of the worlds top 5 diving spots!

Batibou Beach

If you really want a remote beach checkout Batibou Beach. Be careful getting down the very hidden and very rocky road to get here. With just a few beautiful mountainside cottages this place is one of the most private beaches on the island.

Coconut Beach

Last but certainly not least on this list is Coconut Beach. This beach has the town of Portsmouth just a stones throw behind you, and while looking out at the coconut tree covered beaches you can see the neighboring French islands of  Marie Galante and Les Saintes. Since there is a medical university nearby filled with foreign students you can expect plenty of fun activities to like snorkeling, horseback riding, jet-skiing and volleyball.

Dominica offers more than just beaches though! You can come here and see a new waterfall everyday and not repeat once or experience a dip in the brown and orange colored, natural sulfur springs. The best part of this place is that is still not well-known and you feel as if you are stepping on land for the first time in some places! This hidden island packs a lot of adventure, can you handle Dominica?

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