New York at a Glance


My wife and I have differing opinions about what to see and do in New York. Whenever we plan a trip to the Big Apple, we both compose a list of the top ten attractions we would like to see. The idea is that we will have some attractions in common, and we can then plan the itinerary accordingly. However, it never works out like that. We might share one or two attractions in common, but never enough to plan a day of sightseeing. New York is like that. There is so much to see and do. From the shops on Fifth Avenue and Museum Mile to Central Park and the Upper East Side, the heart of Manhattan is where most trips to New York begin. However, New York is composed of five boroughs and 780 sq. km, so sightseeing can take us from Queens and Brooklyn to Coney Island. Here is a sampling of our list of top 6 attractions. Despite the fact that we do not have any attractions in common, we have no problem filling an itinerary.

My Wife’s List

1. Visit the Cooper-Hewitt Museum. It is less crowded than the Museum of Modern Art or the Whitney. The Cooper-Hewitt is a decorative arts museum. More importantly, the museum is in Andrew Carnegie’s former mansion on the Upper East Side.

2. Eat somewhere in Little India. While Chinatown and Little Italy are well known, Little India is less travelled. East 6th Street has some of the best ethnic restaurants in New York.

3. Take the pedestrian walkway or drive over the Brooklyn Bridge. This bridge is not only an engineering marvel, but from the walkway there are excellent views of the city. The Brooklyn Bridge was completed in 1883. It took 16 years to build.

My List:

1. Take a stroll through SoHo and TriBeca. The cast-iron architecture in this area, which was nearly destroyed in the 1960s, is amazing. The streets are lined with galleries, cafes, boutiques and every other type of bohemian pastime.

2. Snap a picture of the Flatiron Building. While there is a lot of stunning and eye-popping architecture in New York, the triangle shaped Flatiron Building still dazzles today. It is one of New York’s most famous early skyscrapers.

3. Make a pilgrimage to the Chelsea Hotel. This place is as well known for its artistic and literary heritage as it is for its decay and decadence. Tennessee Williams, Bob Dylan, Dylan Thomas and Jack Kerouac all stayed at the Chelsea. However, the hotel’s most famous guest was Sid Vicious, the bassist of the Sex Pistols, who was accused of killing his girlfriend at the hotel in 1978.


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