Off the Beaten Path Beaches in South Africa

South Africa is famed for many things, whether it’s their up close and personal wildlife safari’s or the famous city of Cape Town, South Africa offers a lot. One thing that South Africa doesn’t fall short on is their beaches. They have beautiful stretches of sand from coast to coast. Some of the most famous are Jeffery’s Bay, Margate, Durban, and of course Cape Town.

Perhaps you want to get away from the crowds and see a bit of the unseen beaches of this fascinating country. Well you’re in luck! Grab your sunscreen, insure your travels with a company like DU Insure, and enjoy the following:

garden route

by tomsteiner on Flickr

Tsitsikamma Nation Park

Along the Garden Route in the southern part of the country is the national park of Tsitsikamma which means “clear water.” Here you can enjoy sunning your buns on the dramatic coastline this park offers, however there is far more to do. Should you be feeling adventurous there are multiple trails to trek through that offer wildlife spotting and waterfalls. Here you can also find the world highest bungee jump at over 200 meters!

Diamond Coast

If you want to experience something a bit different and aren’t afraid of the cold then head to the Diamond Coast. Here you can organize a tour to see the pristine beaches of Alexander Bay which used to be restricted because of the diamond mining. Now it’s open for all to enjoy, but don’t think you will be able to get your hands on any of the sparkling gems that are being sucked out of the ocean floor! If you travel to the Northern Cape Coastline you can enjoy hikes and tour shipwrecks from previous fallen mariners who were trying to mine diamonds. Swimming along these ocean waters will be a chilling experience for sure! The water here remains rather chilled but a quick dip wouldn’t hurt.

St. Lucia

Hopping over to St. Lucia on the southern coast you will find plenty to do. These stunning beaches are unspoilt and teeming with wildlife! Here you can kayak on the clear water, play various beach sports, go horseback riding and go fishing.While getting bronzed at the beaches don’t forget about looking out for wildlife. You can go whale watching and birding, and there is even a cruise to take you along to see hippos and crocs! This World Heritage sites offer much more and shouldn’t be missed on your path for seeing the unseen.

South Africa is a country that could take a lifetime to explore. So while you’re here, be sure you get to the spots that not too many know about so you can make your claim that you found it first. Remember… don’t tell anyone else about our little South African secrets!

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