Off-The-Beaten Path Beaches in the Bahamas

Are you planning a trip to the Bahamas but you’re interested in going off the beaten path to avoid the heavily overcrowded beaches during tourist season? If so, you’re in luck. There are few things as fun as finding something that few people know about and the Bahamas is filled with these little discoveries. There are even beaches that don’t see the crowds of visitors, believe it or not! Here are some of the best beaches in the Bahamas that are off the beaten path and likely to be quiet and secluded.

Exuma Bahamas

by aerialcamera on Flickr

Caves Beach

Caves Beach sits on the northern area of New Providence. It’s out of the way location makes it less appealing to many tourists, which means you’ll discover a quiet little retreat with beautiful scenery, excellent snorkeling and a real escape from the throngs of tourists. This lesser known beach has no public facilities and it’s about seven miles from Nassau.

Tahiti Beach

Located in Abacos, Tahiti Beach is one of the calmest and least visited beaches in the area. It’s a great choice if you’d like to go sailing or just enjoy a few quiet moments with the one you love. The only way to reach the beach is from sea or biking down a lone gravel road, which is off-limits to vehicles. Facilities are very limited so make sure you plan ahead and bring something to eat.

Somerset Creek Beach

This beach is located on Andros, one of the remote “out islands” of the Bahamas. The beach is amazing for shelling (even rated as one of the best) and it takes its name from the many shells along the shore that leave patterns like the sun setting. If you’re planning to visit Somerset Creek Beach, make sure you bring some shoes as there are lots of shells in the sand. You’ll find plenty to see and explore here along this mile-long beach lined with tall coconut trees.

Eleuthera Island Beaches

This is another one of the “out islands” and also rated as having the best shelling beaches in the entire Bahamas. This tiny island is a mere 110 miles long and 2 miles wide so really, you’re never far from the beach here. Shelling is easiest after a hurricane has passed through the area and you’ll love walking through the pink and white sand along the water. Depending on the weather, you can even grab your snorkeling equipment and take a bucket to collect shells just under the water’s surface.

Coco Plum Beach

This beautiful beach is found on Exumas, one of the “out islands.” It’s also great for shelling, like most of the out islands, and you’ll also find the Grand Exuma, a great resort hotel to set up base if you feel like island hopping. There are plenty of great food stands and you can walk along the shore during low tide to collect a few sand dollars as souvenirs. The best thing? Despite the resort, this island is still quiet and peaceful with few tourists around.

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