Off the Beaten Track Beaches in France

The grand beaches that run down both shores of France are frequented by locals and international visitors, especially in the summertime breeze. With a dream of serene solitude in mind, the crowds just seem to take away from the majestic shades of Atlantic and Mediterranean blue.

Here’s a way to track down tranquility with beaches off the beaten path in France. Convenience is the key when it comes to the denser crowds. So step outside the box and take a ferry across the sea to an island or journey to the bottom of the coast to escape into the unspoiled sands of paradise.

secluded beaches in France

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Argeles Sur Mer

Ride the Mediterranean coast from France to Spain, and there you will find one of the last stops on the map just before crossing the border. Argeles Sur Mer is a great secluded area due to its proximity from the center. Here at the end of the Languedoc-Roussillon stretch, the beaches seem to elongate with plenty of room in between.

Le Racou is one such beach situated far at the southern tip of these beaches that translate in Catalan to ‘corner’. From these peaceful sands, it’s easy to spot the coves and rocky edges of Cote Vermeille in the distance. In the past this area of France has inspired many artists with its breathtaking views and quaint atmosphere.

Atlantic Serenity

On the Atlantic coast, many islands break away from the mainland France to provide a spectacular getaway from the summertime crowds. What better way to avoid civilization then by throwing it off altogether. Camping Indigo Noirmoutier makes for the most fantastic isolated retreat into the great outdoors complete with scenic beaches of the Atlantic waterfront.

Enjoy cycling around the recreation area or check out the charming town of Noirmoutier nearby. Have a stop in to the markets and be sure to have a look at the castle. This campsite hosts bands in the evenings that make for relaxing entertainment into the night.

Oleron Island further down the Atlantic coast is home to great cycling and excellent beaches secluded from the mainland. The fresh and delicious seafood found on these two islands only completes the experience.

Mediterranean Bliss

The Iles d’Hyeres off the Mediterranean shoreline of France holds some of the most extraordinary beaches that see fewer travelers. This destination is certainly ‘off the beaten path’ since there’s no road in between! Take a ferry at the tip of Giens Peninsula to reach both the islands of Porquerolles and Port-Cros for the most exotic atmosphere and brilliant white sandy beaches.

In Porquerolles the gorgeous Plage d’Argent makes for the perfect horizon of shimmering blue sea. To the east, Plague Notre Dame seems to stretch into an endless haven of pristine Mediterranean waters. Its elongated coastline gives it the most secluded feel. The island of Port-Cros is a natural wonderland with no cars, just serene hiking trails.

This rocky and untamed island is home to a marine reserve and many small and secluded beaches scattered across its shoreline. When in France, this escape into tranquil solitude makes the journey all worthwhile.

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