Rabbit Beach in Sicily: Crowned Best Beach in the World

Recently named as the best beach in the world by a survey of travellers, Rabbit Beach in Lampedusa is certainly a sight for sore eyes. In the first annual best beach awards by TripAdvisor, this beach came top based on millions of reviews and ratings by tourists on their website.

Rabbit Beach Sicily

by Sim Dawdler on Flickr

This remote beach on the island of Lampedusa, off the south coast of Sicily, was described by travellers as an unspoilt nature reserve. And it can only be accessed by boat adding to the feeling of discovering somewhere spectacular.

With stunning turquoise waters and white sands, it is a haven for beach lovers who are looking for something a little different from the usual beach offerings. It is also one of the few places in the Mediterranean where the loggerhead sea turtle still lays its eggs.

Lampedusa is Italy’s southernmost island and sits a mere 70 miles from the Tunisia mainland, actually closer to Africa than Italy, with Sicily almost 125 miles away. It is geologically part of Africa since the sea between the two is not deeper than 120 metres.

Off-season, this island is pretty deserted with only a sprinkling of eateries still open. Yet travellers who have visited this beach in chilly times have still professed how inviting the water is, and how they still have the urge to sit on the white sands. Not even overcast weather and a cold climate can deter from the natural beauty of the world’s best beach.

Apart from the recessed cove of Rabbit Beach, the top ten included Whitehaven Beach in Australia, Flamenco Beach in Puerto Rico and a surprise entry at number 10 with Rhossili Bay in Swansea, UK. You can see the full listing of the top twenty five beaches according to TripAdvisor, here.

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