Romantic Beach Destinations in Florida

If there is sun, sand and waves, there is romanticism for sure. Couples usually pick destinations that involve sunbathing and relaxing on a chaise-longue, under a palm tree, having a cocktail in one hand. ‘The Sunshine State’ of America has all that. Florida is romantic by definition, since it has a coast line with many lovely beaches. It’s an amazing place to get married, too, as this website will show. Weather is pleasant all year round, and locals leave the impression that there is nothing more important than jogging on the beach in the morning, sunbathing and shopping all day and then dining and dancing till dawn. Lifestyle and atmosphere in Florida lays accent on fun and recreation. It is actually a favorite destination for honeymooners.

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Panama City in north-west Florida is famous for its stunning beaches. The turquoise waters made it earn the name of ‘Emerald Coast’. The sparkling white sand is made of small quartz crystals that were brought along by water from the mountains.

361 sunny days per year – with this number, Clearwater Beach from Pinellas Peninsula (from the west coast of Florida) entered Guinness Record Book. Situated in the Gulf of Mexico, Clearwater Beach is all covered by very fine white sand; it is composed of two beaches that sum up 50km of shore.  In addition, the area includes many entertaining zones. A festival with spectacular representations is held here. South from St. Petersburg, the city where Clearwater beach is, there is Fort De Soto Park which includes superb beaches. It is often visited by all kinds of colorful birds that only intensify the beauty and uniqueness of the place.

The classic idea of romanticism implies relaxation, nature, splendor, sunsets on the beach. For others, having fun and being more active is also romantic. At Fort Lauderdale Beach, those who are interested in water sports rather than just lying on the beach, will find their idea of romanticism.

Miami Beach is definitely one of the most desired vacation destinations. Miami is situated on Florida’s south remote coast, between the reef barrier and the mangrove slums. The place is exotic, exciting and full of emotions, perfect for romantic escapades. South Beach is extremely renowned, due to its crazy nightlife, pastel sands and palm trees dangled by the wind. It is an island, separated from Miami.  Both Miami and South Beach have lots of good restaurants and cafes.

Key area in Florida is a string of islands (about 30), united through some very long bridges. The last island is Key West, the most southern point of the United States. The adventurous and passionate writer Ernest Hemingway lived here. What better proof that this is a romantic place?

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