Safaris & Beaches on the African Continent

The wilds of Africa have attracted big game hunters for generations, including Ernest Hemingway and Theodore Roosevelt, who is credited for creating the safari craze of his time. Africa can be reached on Delta flights from different international locations, and you can still follow in the footsteps of these great men into the lush environment of Africa. Here are some of the continent’s greatest destinations for your next safari + beach adventure.

safari in Tanzania

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Tanzania remains the most popular safari destination as its home to the world-famous Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro crater with all of the Big 5. There are two popular safaris to choose from in the country: the Southern Circuit, which includes Ruaha and Selous; and the Northern Circuit, which includes the Serengeti and Ngorongoro. The Ruaha National Park of Tanzania is another good choice, with raw, untouched nature with herds of zebra wandering along the yellow plains.

After your Tanzanian safari, make sure you visit the paradisiacal Zanzibar.


Kenya is the second most popular safari destination after Tanzania, and many people actually include parts of Kenya on a Tanzania tour. Kenya is home to some huge reserves like the Maasai Mara and wildebeest migrate through the area between August and November. You can even rent hot air balloons to get an even better view of the magnificent migration. Maasi Mara is one of the best places in all of Africa to see the big cats up close, including leopards, lions and cheetahs. BBC chose this destination to film their Big Cat Diary series not too long ago. The best time to visit for the cats begins in July.

Check out Kenya’s top beach destination, Diani.

South Africa

Looking to break away from the tourists and get into the rugged heart of Africa? Head to South Africa, with its rustic safaris that are truly reminiscent of the sort Roosevelt would have completed. Kruger National Park is the best place in the country to see the Big 5, although you can also check out the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi reserve.

Coastal admirers will love the Cape Peninsula in the southwest of the country.


This is another location to break away from the crowds of tourists and see wildlife up close and personal. If you head to the Kunene area, you can even see the very rare breed of desert elephants, which were almost pushed to extinction. Namibia is also home to Etosha National Park, which remains one of the biggest wildlife refuges in the entire world. The black rhinoceros of the desert also calls Kunene home and this is the last place in the world to see this magnificent animal in its natural environment.

Best beach in Namibia is Swakopmund – don’t miss it!

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