Sands and Sea of Madagascar

Madagascar is very underestimated. This beautiful country is on the Southeast coast of the continent of Africa and is relatively undiscovered. Natural, unspoiled, beautiful, and full of beaches that you can have almost all to yourself. If you’re thinking of really getting off the map, then consider these amazing beaches in Madagascar.

Nosy Komba, Madagascar

Nosy Komba by Rita Willaert on Flickr

Nosy Be

Idyllic sandy beaches are right here. Post up at Nosy Be for some of the best stretches of sand in the country. This beach in the Northwest provides some nice and warm azure sea waters that are nice and calm which will be prefect for your relaxing day. Palms lining the coast and golden sands, you might not want to move, but with other activities around you, you might want to at least try. These serene water are great for snorkeling and other water related sports. Should you be up for some real adventure, sharks swims are available here as well.

Nosy Komba

Another sea gem is this hilly island just a few kilometers away from Nosy Be. A rather deserted island with the exception of a small village selling their handicrafts, like woven baskets and wood carvings. There will be others to share this island with though, the black lemurs inhabit this area as well as chameleons and an array of bird life.

Paradise Islands

Take a trip to another world on these quiet and beautiful specs of sand off the coast. With a pastoral little village to wander around, beautiful blue water, and the pristine sand between your toes, you will very soon forget what day it is. Coral reefs surround these islands and that makes this place an excellent spot to get in the water and snorkel. It’s one of the best spots in the country in the fact. With the sun shining here day in and day out, the Paradise Islands certainly live up to their name.

Ile Sainte-Marie

Whale watching, seafood, and a sleepy village on a beach is what you will get at Ile Sainte-Marie. Here you can bask under the sun on deserted beaches. This was once a place where Indian pirates roamed these 60km of coast. The small town of Ambodifotatra is now all that’s here, and you can find a few charming cafes and a bustling market on the inside. A few bamboo huts are strung across along the water and there are fruit trees along the paths. Be sure to grab a fresh mango off a tree for breakfast and munch on some of the best seafood around. From July to September there is a hefty amount of humpbacks swimming in the water to meet and breed. It’s certainly a must see while you’re here.

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