Sands and Surf of Sydney

Chances are if you are traveling Australia you will end up in Sydney at some point. Yes, of course there are some must-see’s that don’t involve the beach but who is really going to miss out on some surf and sand while they are here? Surely not you! Here are Sydney top spots for sunning those buns, getting sand under those toes, and most certainly for catching the raddest wave.

Manly Beach, Sydney

Manly Beach by hectorgarcia on Flickr


A lush green park sits right on the beautiful Bronte Beach and is perfect for those hot summer day barbeques and beers. When you get too hot just take a dip in the ocean right in front of you. This little rock sheltered area provide a nice swim area for everyone. Should you be a pro surfer, take yourself out further beyond the rocks for some epic waves. Due to the rocks in the area you actually do need to be a pro surfer and not just think you are. Be careful here.


Named Manly due to the nature of the native Aboriginal people, this beach is probably Sydney’s most iconic beach. Unlike Bronte, surfers of all kinds are welcome to this strip of sand. Start at the South with small waves for all you beginners. Should you want more of a challenge, head toward the North Steyne Surf Club. From this point up to Queenscliff you can experience tumbling waves for all you thrill-seeking surfers. Some waves will require a jet ski to in order to get to.


A group of rocks know as The Peak make two distinct breaks that make for nice waves for those who are experienced out in the open waters. There are often sandbanks that can sometimes prevent surfers from enjoying the waves in these areas at times, however this opens up the opportunity for body-boarders and even swimmers to get in the water. More towards the south end of the beach is something locally know as the “crosswaves,” and here you can experience irregular breaks that go in different directions.

Bondi to Coogee Coast Walk

Should you want a tour of a few fantastic Sydney’s beaches just take the Bondi to Coogee Coast Walk. This six kilometer long coast walk will take you past some beautiful shorelines, cute cafes, and some steep climbs. There are quite a few steps in order to complete this walk but nothing that a dip in the ocean or a cool ice drink couldn’t fix.

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