Sri Lanka’s Coastline

That little tiny tear drop island off the Southeast coast of India is called Sri Lanka and yes, it’s beautiful. This isn’t the first island people think of when they think about taking a beach holiday or want an amazing island getaway, and that might be why their beaches are even more special here. With thousands of kilometres of glistening sand and blue waters, Sri Lanka boasts nearly an entire 360 of coastline. When thinking of your next beach vacation  you might want to think of the least likely spot, Sri Lanka.

Bentota Beach sri lanka

by lola media on Flickr


This small coastal town is the where the first Muslim settlement was established on the island. It’s also home to the largest mosque on the island, Msjid-ul-Abrar. Here is where you have 130 km of beach to choose from. Enough for you? Lined with palms and good for sunbathing year-round, this area is becoming more and more developed for more to enjoy. Get here now while it’s still rather tame.

Bentota Beach

Home to world-class resorts and your destination for water sports is Bentota Beach. With its own local airport, this beach is already on the map. You should try checking out the local alcoholic drink called toddy. It’s made of coconut nectar.

Arugam Bay

I hope you’re up for more than just beach bumming. At Arugam Bay people get out in the water and shred waves. This popular surfing spot is quickly becoming a hot spot, and also offers spectacular underwater photography opportunities.

Mirissa Beach

This quiet slice of paradise won’t be like this for long. Right now Mirissa Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches this country offers and as of now, the only noise is the water hitting the shore or a coconut falling to the ground.


This is one of the most popular beaches of Sri lanka and there is plenty here to do. You will find all the modern day amenities you need along with a plethora of accommodation to choose from. You can go surfing here as well as snorkelling in the brilliant blue water.


This fishing village is something else. Where else can you see fisherman being held up by a wooden pole as they stand in shallow water catching small fish? Not to mention the dramatic rose-red stone cliffs as a backdrop. This beach offers more than just sand and water and is certainly worth checking out.

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