The Best Beaches in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is full of wonderful beaches. With over 7,000 islands and numerous cayes and coral reefs, this region is idyllic. But some beaches are truly outstanding.

Best beaches in the Caribbean

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Anguilla has over 33 white, sandy beaches. Some like Rendezvous Bay are popular for snorkelling while Little Bay, Junk’s Hole Bay and Captain’s Bay are quite remote and reachable only by boat. The jewel of the island is Shoal Bay in the north east. This is probably the most beautiful stretch of sand in the whole of the Caribbean. Its eastern part, the two-mile Shoal Bay East beach, has been called the best beach in the world by many travel magazines and tourist industry authorities. Busy by Anguilla standards, it is usually almost deserted. Coral reefs offshore look like underwater gardens populated with iridescent fish. You can walk to Kartouche Beach for some easy snorkelling, or just have a picnic on the sand under the shade of trees growing along its edge.


Antigua is said to have a beach for every day of the year. Dickenson Bay on the northwest of the island is popular with both locals and visitors for its powdery sand and calm waters that make it ideal for children. Half Moon Bay in the south, just a five minute drive from Freetown village, has light pink sand, foamy surf and a cooling breeze. This beach is not even busy at the peak tourist times.

Barbados Platinum Coast

Once known as the “Gold Coast” but now upgraded to the “Platinum Coast”, the west coast of Barbados is renowned for warm water lapping gently onto white sands. This stretch of beaches runs northwards from the capital, Bridgetown and the parishes of St. Michael, St. James and St. Peter. There are magnificent facilities for water sports, sailing and snorkelling. It’s an ideal place for anyone wanting to swim with turtles.

Grand Cayman

Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman is actually five and a half miles long and is lined with plush resorts. It is a crescent-shaped expanse of coral sand along the western coast of Grand Cayman. There are some small coral reefs just within walking distance from the coast that offer easy snorkelling opportunities. The Cayman Islands capital, Georgetown, is just to the south of the beach while the West Bay turtle farm is just to its north.

Grand Anse Beach Grenada

Grand Anse Beach extends over two miles on the west, leeward, side of Grenada. This makes it sheltered from strong winds and currents giving lots of opportunities to explore in the water for starting snorkellers and experienced scuba divers alike. The Morne Rouge Beach just to the south of Grand Anse is perfect for families. It’s located in a quiet bay with a wide extent of shallow and warm water.

Luquillo Beach Puerto Rico

Located on the northeast coast of Puerto Rico and to the east of the Rio Grande River, Luquillo Beach is known as the Puerto Rican Riviera. This is one of the most pleasant and popular of Puerto Rico’s public beaches. The huge trees of a coconut palm plantation offer shade on the edge of fine white sand beach.

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