The Best Coastlines In Maine

Maine pierMaine has a coastline extending nearly 4,568 miles, which is equivalent to a mass of land that encompasses 33,215 square miles, along with 4,613 islands along its shoreline – so how does one go about finding the best coastlines in Maine?

Luckily, deciding where to sunbathe in Maine is fairly easy. My suggestion would be to start with reading a vacation guide on Maine or talking to people who have already taken a vacation to Maine. Whatever you decide, as long you contain an adventurous spirit, you’ll have an amazing trip with memories to last a lifetime. It’s a well-known fact that some of Maine’s best vacation spots were simply found by accident, from those who visited with an exploration in mind, who sought out fun in any way possible. (Photo las – initially)

There are several popular beaches in Maine, but just to name a few, there is Harbor Beach in York Beach, Maine, there is Ogunquit Beach and there is also Long Sands Beach. All three of these beaches are very popular among vacationers for sunbathing as well as beach games and surfing.

In York Beach, Maine Harbor Beach is a scenery-filled sandy beach with soft surf in York Harbor that is great for sunbathing. The parking at the beach is no cost, but limited for this rather small, but popular beach off Route 1A at the entryway to Harbor Park. Portable bathrooms are located at Harbor Beach Road. There are several lifeguards on duty at all times from the end of June all the way to Labor Day.

Ogunquit Beach is one with soft white sand. This beach is very popular with families, large and small, for both sunbathing and beach games as well as surfing. Access to the beach is either by trolley or park your car in one of the parking lots nearby. Amenities include restrooms and snack bars. Ogunquit Beach is considered one of the prettiest in the country. Lifeguards are available from the end of June on up to Labor Day.

Long Sands Beach MaineLong Sands Beach is a long sandy beach with an area designed specifically for sunbathing as well as a designated surfing area. Parking is meter fed and situated along Route 1A and stretches the entire length of beach. Restrooms are located at the Bathhouse near Oceanside Ave. There are lifeguards on duty from the end of June all the way to Labor Day here as well. (Photo H.L.I.T.)

Along the southern coast of Maine are tremendous lengths of white sandy beaches with wide open views of the Atlantic Ocean – all being set alongside a backdrop of small towns with a large number of diverse activities specifically designed for sunbathing and for family vacation fun.

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