The Extraordinary Beaches of Estonia

You don’t have to travel to the Mediterranean to find beautiful beaches in Europe. Estonia sits on the mighty Baltic Sea and offers you beautiful beaches, sand, and resorts for a lot less money. Travel to Estonia and see some of the most picturesque landscapes you can imagine. Many Estonians love the ocean and can be found lounging on the sand once the summer season starts. From June to September, you can find a gorgeous summer paradise on Estonia’s many beaches or islands. This paradise in the Europe can be had for far less euros than many other vacation destinations.

Here’s a look at the top beaches in Estonia to enjoy your holiday on the Baltic Sea.

beaches in Estonia

by lukesaagi on Flickr

1. Saaremaa

On the beautiful island of Saaremaa, you can find magical forests. Dense with pines and spruce, this 1000 square mile rock on Estonia’s west coast has many incredible things to discover. It has the ruins of medieval churches, windmills, and lighthouses. You’ll feel as though you’ve been transported back in time when you visit this incredible island paradise. You reach the island by ferry and once you arrive, you’ll have ancient villages and fortresses to explore.

In the capital town of Kuressaare, which is in the south-western part of the island, you can find guest houses and old fashioned squares that welcome you to a fairy tale. Inside the taverns and cafes you’ll discover local cuisine and beers. The town features a 14-century fortress. It is a medieval masterpiece featuring motes, drawbridges, and turreted towers. It is also one of the best preserved castles in the region. Accommodations can be had quite near to the castle.

2. Runhu Island

This tiny little island is known as the pearl of the Baltic and it’s the farthest island from the mainlands of the country. There are traces here of ancient humans you can check out if you have the time that date back to 5,000 BC. The remote beaches here are also popular with divers and swimmers, particularly Limo beach. You can reach the island by boat or plane from the mainland and it’s worth the visit. If you go, stop by the ancient wooden church here that was build in the mid-17th century, as well as the metal lighthouse from the late 19th century.

3. Pärnu Beach

This famous beach is always popular with tourists and it’s often crowded with thousands of people here enjoying the sun and warm water. The water here is very warm and shallow so many families enjoy bringing their children to Pärnu. If you’re traveling with children, the beach has plenty of attractions, including surf rentals, swings and miniature golf, while couples enjoy a long walk on the beach’s promenade.

4. Valgeranna Beach

Valgeranna Beach is very close to Pärnu Beach, although it comes with less people. The beach is in the Southwest part of Estonia, nearby the capital, with white sand beaches and a forest of pine trees that stops just short of the water. The water here is very warm and shallow and this is a great place for swimming, volleyball, sailing and soaking in the sun.

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