Things to do in Meribel

The Alps is one of the best places to spend a winter vacation because of the various locations that it offers skiers and their families. Meribel is one of the most famous locations that skiers visit on a regular basis, and is part of three valleys in southern France. This area has many ski resorts that provide accommodation and other holiday facilities to the visitors in the area as they enjoy their vacation. There are different activities that can be done in Meribel, whether as a family or an individual so that the overall experience to the area is enhanced. Some of the popular things to do in Meribel may include:


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Husky sledding

Being in control of your own set of dogs that are attached to an Alpine sled as you drive them along different parts of the forest is an exciting experience. To be able to successfully lead the dogs back to the starting point there is need to be given some minimum training as well as instructions that the dogs will obey. However, you can also select the option of having a guide control the sled while you enjoy the sights along the way.

Cross country skiing

Skiing is a common activity done in the valleys that make up Meribel as it helps skiers to connect more with nature as they ski from one location to another. When cross country skiing there are two ways to do it which includes the classic as well as the skating techniques. To learn these techniques find quality ski schools in Meribel that are run by experts that are aware of all the intricacies involved in skiing.


Paragliding offers visitors an opportunity to have a fantastic view of the valleys that make up the Meribel area. The parachute that is used holds the instructor and one extra person and they have to work together in order to lift off and also glide from the mountain top back into the valley while taking in the various sights. Furthermore, the adrenaline rush felt when jumping off the raised area cannot be explained in words but can only be experienced.

Indoor climbing

This activity is very good for those people who do not want to engage in any outdoor activities especially during winter but still want to enjoy their time in Meribel. Visitors to the area are given the opportunity to scale a wall while using the equipment provided to ensure that they are safe. Indoor climbing is best for parents visiting Meribel with their children because the activity can be done by anyone above five years old.

Snow shoe walking

The walking in the lightweight shoes on the snow through a variety of marked trails give visitors an opportunity to explore the area, and discover more parts of the valley. The exploration can be done either as an individual or even groups as long as they are accompanied by a guide to make sure they do not get lost, but still enjoy the mountain flora.

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