Top 5 Beaches in Antigua

The gorgeous Caribbean Island is said to have 365 different beaches but visitors often don’t have a year to see them all. Therefore, here are the 5 best ones that will make a short vacation worthwhile. The warm climate, soft sand and crystal waters are undoubtedly aspects of the perfection of a beach and they are part of every single one there.

Is this the first trip you’re planning to visit the Caribbean? Don’t get stressed out about where to stay. Luckily, visitors can check out beach hotel reviews and price comparisons on Trivago to help them pick the perfect spot. All you need to choose now is the beach that best suits your travel style. Here is a look at some of the best.

Half Moon Bay Beach

half moon bay

Being recently announced as a national park, the Half Moon Bay Beach is the most beautiful place on the Island. The beach might be nothing like a peaceful place, where you can relax, nor a party place with numerous amenities, but its mixture of a little of both, creating inspirational atmosphere make it appealing for tourists. It might be a great option for either a family with children or just a love-couple, or a group of friends willing to experience the excitement of a friend trip. (Photo credit)

Crab Hill Beach

Can’t wait to escape from the city buzz and have time on your own? The perfect destination for you is The Crab Hill Beach which can guarantee you tranquility and restful time, just lying on the beach and sunbathing. When you refill you energy batteries, you might want to try the water sports provided there, and if you feel like going on a livelier place again the nearby Johnson’s Point is a perfect choice.

Dickenson Bay

Another really nice beach to try is the Dickenson bay. Not exactly a populous destination, neither a quiet one, but it might be the exact combination for those who would like to both relax and meet new people. The sand is perfectly clear and the sea is calm so you can enjoy a naturally beautiful atmosphere. At the same time you can experience a number of sports such as snorkeling, windsurfing and parasailing but if you are not an adventurous type, you might prefer sitting on the beach cafes, attracting the opposite gender’s attention.

Carlisle Bay

carlisle baySupposing that you might want to spend a little more money on a luxury holiday, you might as well choose the Carlisle Bay. You will receive perfect attendance and you want be missing anything you desire. The beach itself is something like you have ever dreamt of – uniquely beautiful and providing everything you need, especially an opportunity to improve your snorkeling skills. If you get bored by lying on the beach the whole day, you can have a trip in the surrounding untouched rainforest which contributes to the natural atmosphere. You would not lack chances of different activities as there are plenty options around the bay.

Hawksbill Bay Beaches

Probably one of the most peaceful beach places in Antigua where your relaxation is guaranteed. The scenery is beautiful and you a provided with a great chance to watch the sunset from either beach. Interestingly, one of the beaches is ‘clothing optional’ which means that you might want to take off your bathing suit and be in a total contact with the nature.

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