Top 5 Destinations for Vegetarians

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Becoming a vegetarian is a personal choice and most times it involves a lot of self discipline to be able to avoid eating meat products and for others even dairy products. When travelling, you don’t have the benefit of ordering delivery diets. vegetarians sometimes face a lot of challenges in maintaining their lifestyle, especially because most destinations may not have restaurants that offer their kind of meals.

However, there are some destinations around the world that are known to be vegetarian friendly because of the many restaurants as well as stalls that offer vegetarian meals. Some of the most popular destinations for vegetarians around the world include:

Bogota, Colombia – The number of vegetarian restaurants in Bogota is around fifty but this number is increasing gradually. Most of the restaurants in the area offer vegetarian meals during lunch hour but even so their menu is quite extensive, thus giving visitors to the restaurants an opportunity to indulge as much as they can in their favorite meals.

San Francisco, USA – Americans are increasingly becoming health conscious and this has resulted in the increase of vegetarian restaurants in cities such as San Francisco. The restaurants in San Francisco that offer vegetarian meals can cater for individuals who are looking for a more high end service and even those who are looking for more affordable meals. The majority of the meals that are offered at these restaurants, source their ingredients locally and even have organic wines as an accompaniment for some of the meals.

Varanasi, India – When visiting Varanasi it is easy to notice that vegetarianism has become part and parcel of their life. Some of the residents of the city include Hindus, Buddhists and Jains that consider the city holy and have adopted vegetarian lifestyles. Generally, most cities in India have adopted cuisines that are devoid of meat products, which make it much easier to find restaurants or even stalls that offer a variety of vegetarian meals on offer.

Istanbul, Turkey – The number of vegetarian based restaurants in Istanbul is growing steadily, with most vegetarians visiting the city eating to their fill when visiting. The menus at these restaurants in Turkey are quite diverse with foods such as Dolma and Kisir which are popular with locals as well as visitors to the city. Furthermore, they are located in various parts of Istanbul thereby giving vegetarians an opportunity to choose one that they feel is best in terms of food and service.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – The culture and lifestyle of the Vietnamese people revolves around the Buddhist culture which is a great advocate of vegetarianism.  Therefore, it is not hard to find eateries that specialize in the preparation of vegetarian meals for their customers. Furthermore, the locals also are conscious about what they eat which is mostly meals made from vegetables that are sold in the local markets all around the city.

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