Top 7 Beaches of Argentina

The exotic country of Argentina is home to some of the world’s most fantastic sites and attractions. The famed fare and the rich culture are just the icing on the cake. However Argentina is also where you can find some excellent places to stretch out, relax, and soak up some sun. Here are Argentina’s top 7 beaches to visit.

Miramar, Argentina

by Luis Argerich on Flickr


With over 70 kilometers of sand to choose from, it would be hard not to find a spot on the beautiful beach of Necochea. Enjoy these white sands without all the crowds or the hiked up prices of some of the other beaches around. This budget friendly beach is laid back and has all the modern necessities anyone needs.

Mar del Plata

This popular and happening beach city is the second most visited city in the country after Buenos Aires. Rather than this being one beach, Mar del Plata is actually a group of beaches. Escondida Beach is a stunning place to go for over the top cliffs and forests. The cooler crowd is often caught laying on the sands of the southern beaches. This is the “The Pearl” of the Atlantic and there is a beach here to please any beach goer.


This is the posh beach and coming here will require a bit more dough. This is a popular tourist place as well hang out spot for the wealthy locals. Chill out on the pristine sands and enjoy being pampered on the beaches of Pinamar.

Villa Gesell

Close to Buenos Aires is Villa Gesell. There are plenty of things to do at this beach such as golf courses, a zoo, crafts market, and forests to explore. There is a great nightlife scene here and of course, beaches to lounge on.


This is a quiet spot to lay out at the towel and chill out. This is a calm and safe beach and is great for families.

Pehuen Co

This southern beach is surrounded by pine forest and sand dunes. Come here to release and relax yourself from the city grim. This is a quiet beach with only a small village near by.

Costanera Norte

Not your typical beach, because it’s technically not, is a riverside beach and is worthy of making this list. It’s a fantastic place to swim and offers everything the ocean beaches provide. There is an area for sun bathers, volleyball nets, cafes and bars to enjoy here. There are even a few islands scattered about.

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