Top Beach Destinations in France


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France is one of the most visited countries in Europe because of the various sites that are available for tourists to visit. Sites that are well known such as the Eiffel tower have formed part of the photos that many people who have visited the country have in their possession. Apart from these well known sites, France also has spectacular beaches that have been the destinations of many vacationers who have managed to visit them within the year.

This beautiful country is surrounded on two of its borders with water bodies, which are the Mediterranean Sea as well as the Atlantic Ocean. These beaches which have various settlements scattered around are ideal for a vacation and bring out a mix of both the modern life of France and the relaxation near water bodies. Your best bet is to find a villa rental in France and soak up the good life.

Some of the most popular beach destinations in France that receive vacationers all year round and are an ideal place to have an enjoyable destination include:

Villefranche sur Mer

The beach is near the popular city of Nice and is not visited by a lot of tourists thereby making it ideal for those looking to have a quiet time while lying out in the sun. The human traffic is much more subdued with a few establishments such as cafes as well as shops set up to provide refreshments to those visiting the beach.


For those interested in learning more about the French culture, this is the ideal beach to visit when planning a vacation to France. It is generally a fishing village that has historical buildings, beach fronts as well as museums that hold a lot of information and artefacts about the area and the French people as well.

Saint-Jean de Luz

It is one of the most popular beaches visited by tourists that go to France because of its rich Basque history that is brought out through the architecture of the destination. The city in which the beach is situated is not too big and is donned with cafes, shops as well as markets that tourists can buy souvenirs to take home.

La Grande Motte

Tourists who have a sense of adventure must visit the La Grande Motte beach because it is designed to cater for those who are interested in various water sports as well as nature hikes that can be planned into day trips that are quite enjoyable. Children also get to enjoy water parks or play sports such as golf as well as tennis. Animal lovers would also be able to see birds such as flamingos once they travel to the Carmargue.

When travelling to these destinations there is also need to find the best accommodation that will enhance the experience much more. Hotels are available in the nearby cities but the best way to enjoy the beach would be to book vacation home rentals through This website allows you to select any type of rental home that meets your beach holiday needs and rent it out at an affordable fee.


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