Top Islands to Visit in Indonesia

It is highly doubted that anyone would ever deny the fact that they have at least once in their lives dreamt of spending a fantastic holiday in the exotic Indonesian islands. Diverse in culture, wildlife, and language, island hopping in Indonesia is like visiting several countries rolled into one. Here are few suggestions of unique islands in Indonesia that will offer a glimpse of what this intriguing country has to offer.


The third largest island in the world is probably the most popular Indonesian one. It is actually controversially divided between the Indonesian and Malaysian republic. What the island of Borneo is most renowned for is probably not its fabulous beaches which are definitely not to be missed, but also the great mountains situated in its inner side. What’s more the island is rich in animals and plants to be explored, which might certainly add some excitement to your trip there, if you decide to go for taking a safari in the impassable jungle. If you are more of a nature type, then this is the right place for you. The mixture of beaches and mountains gives you the chance to satisfy all your needs of sun and swim or fresh air and climbing. You might as well go on sightseeing trip, as the island has a lot of interesting cultural and historical facts and monuments to be shown to tourists.


Another famous island, not praised because of its size or dense population, but because there is much more to it than that is Java. If you are sick and tired of associating islands with heavenly beaches, this is the place which proves just the opposite because it also suggests a lot more intriguing activities to be done while on the island. For example, you could get yourself in contact with the environment and enjoy it thoroughly by visiting a lot of natural parks and botanical gardens where you can see the unique flora and fauna of the island. You might also try the excitement of climbing a volcano as there are plenty of them there. If you, however, feel you miss the water, you can go for a sail or dive into the deep ocean as well as go surfing in the unique waves. An exciting landscape to be seen is the way people look after rice.


Our last suggestion is of the volcanic island Bali, probably the most appealing one for all tourists. It offers it guests a wide selection of places to be visited, cultural events and traditions to be seen and amazing activities to be done. For example, you might be spending your time best while trekking or hiking around the volcano and mountains, or even better – surfing, rafting and sailing in the nice waters around the island. In any case, boredom would never reach you. Make sure you don’t miss to go shopping while you’re there because you will be amazed by all the unique items that are being sold and the fact that you can bargain with the owners. Anyway, Bali is one of your best choices for an exciting and different holiday.

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