Top Luxury Beach Destinations in the US

Are you looking for a luxurious getaway? Ready for a little quality time with you, the sun, and the sand? We’ve got just the destinations for you. Whether you sail away on a private yacht or take your private plane that’s been customized by Aircraft Impressions, you’re sure to find the glitzy getaway you’ve been looking for at these spots.

Hawaii archipelago represents the mecca of ‘paradise on earth’ – type beaches. Maui, Kawai and Oahu receive most tourists all year round. Ka’anapali Beach, Maui, is extremely beautiful, as well as wild.Atmosphere is very romantic, considering the gorgeous sunsets that you will not see anywhere else, the torches spread all through the island and the island’s natural beauty that is so well preserved. Also, some of the most interesting beaches are found in Hawaii.

luxury beach destinations

photo by arch2452 on Flickr

Punaluu Beach, Hawaii has mostly black sand, because of the volcanic activity around. In Hawaii, there are also beaches with white, red and green sand. Thus, Papakolea Beach is one of the two beaches in the world that has green sand the other one is in Guam. The color is owed to mineral crystals. Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach in Maui, Hawaii is one of the few beaches in the world to have red sand. It looks spectacular. The color comes from minced ash. Here and there, areas are covered with black powder, which makes the view breathtaking.

Miami is one of the most beautiful urban areas in the US, due to the green spaces, picturesque views, unique beaches. Miami Beach offers an unequaled natural beauty, supported by numerous modern facilities, like luxury hotels, bar, refined restaurants, superb beaches and ports. Miami Beach is synonym with celebrities and beautiful people. Saint Pete Beach in Florida makes it in the top beach destinations. It is perfect for experimenting wild beauty, white sand, dolphins swimming at shore. Do not miss Pass-a-Grille Beach while you are here.

Main Beach in East Hampton, New York is a very exclusive area; it’s the playground for the richest Americans, who go their villas in the Hamptons at the beginning of the season.  Access to main beach is ensured for residents. Non-residents can buy passes, but their numbers are limited. Beaches in East Hampton are quiet and safe.

All the way to the other coast of America, southern California has some of the best beaches. Laguna Beach, Orange County has calm waters and perfect sand. Newport Beach takes pride in its port full of yachts and beachside bungalows. From here, one can sail to Catalina Island, which is famous for its activities: snorkeling, horse riding, hiking, kayaking. Malibu is associated with beautiful beaches and movie stars, who often actually block access to the beaches in front of their homes. Technically, all beaches are public.

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