Top Three Beaches in Nevada

Who would have thought that a landlocked state such as Nevada will have beaches? This US state is more known for its desert dunes, rocky mountains, and arid climate so it always comes as a surprise that there actually places where you can enjoy swimming.

boulder beach

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Usually people that go to Nevada stay in resorts where they can sunbath and swim at the magnificent pools. Big resorts like ARIA have several pools to choose from catering to both children and adults. This high-end resort even has a therapy pool as well as hot tubs where guests can relax. Its central location in the bustling Las Vegas Strip makes it a popular respite for travelers going to the Sin City. Aside from the pools, the casino is another reason why many people go to this resort. If you are lucky to win the jackpot, then you can check out some of the best beaches in Nevada. Check out our list of the top three beaches in the Silver State below:

Boulder Beach

Probably the closest beach to Las Vegas is Boulder Beach, which is around 30 miles away from the city and five miles away from Hoover Dam. This place is more known for its primitive camping sites, which makes it the perfect destination for people who want to rough it up. Since there are no lifeguards in this area, make sure to watch over the kids while they are swimming. Scuba divers can check out the underwater scene of Dive Park in North Boulder Beach while campers can find their perfect place at the Boulder Beach Campground.

Walker Lake

Just a little further than Boulder Beach is Walker Lake, which is located just around 332 miles away from Las Vegas. Aside from swimming, there are other recreational activities you can enjoy within the State Park from boating, water skiing, and fishing to picnicking, camping, and bird watching. The most popular beach in Walker Park is the Sportsmen’s Beach as it offers 32 camping sites and camping areas for RVs.

Sand Harbor

Experience the best of Lake Tahoe by visiting Sand Harbor, which boasts of its long beaches, clear water, and impressive underwater rock formations. Aside from sunbathing, swimming, and scuba diving, you can also enjoy other outdoor activities within the area such as picnicking, walking, hiking, and boating. The best time to visit Sand Harbor is between Memorial Day and Labor Day when there is a beach patrol on duty so you are assured of safety.

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